08 Sep 2014

2 Awesome Twitter Search Tools That Give You What Twitter Lacks

I love Twitter. That was almost love at the first sight. It’s a great idea which became awesome thanks to all the apps that completed it.

Here are two absolutely fantastic tools that have some really basic functionality Twitter still lacks:

Snapbird: Better search

Snapbird functionality is so cool that I am surprised Twitter doesn’t offer anything like that:

Search your or anyone’s favorites

There are lots of ways to use Twitter favorites. Most use them to “thank” for the mention. Some people use them to bookmark ideas for later reference. Others favorite Twitter testimonials to easier curate them

In any of those cases, the ability to search your own or someone else’s favorites for a keyword or a hashtag is priceless…


You can investigate what others favorite, look back into your own Twitter bookmarks or even find who you “thanked” in the past!

Search for DMs you sent or received

Why Twitter doesn’t allow to search within your Twitter inbox is beyond me. Sometimes I have to scroll and scroll until I find the conversation I need.

I can get it that some people don’t use Twitter DMs that much but many of us still do! I am keeping my Twitter private inbox very clean and to the point; yet there’s no built-in solution to search it.

Snapbird solves that problem allowing you to search for DMs you sent or received.


Note: You can search DM using Tweetdeck as well.

Search what you or anyone else said on Twitter. Search tweets mentioning you

OK, this can be easily accomplished using Twitter advanced search:

  • to:@username (mentioning @username)
  • from:@username (tweeted by @username)

I would still use Snapbird for that because it shows where the tweet originated from (It can be useful in some cases)


Twiangulate: How we are connected?

I mentioned Twiangulate a few times in the past but they have changed the functionality a bit, so time to take a look at it again. Right now it’s a great connection discovery tool that gives you way to find how you are connected to someone else on Twitter (Build relationships!)

Find who these two Twitter accounts have in common

Give two Twitter accounts and find who the both follow (as well as who follows both of them:):


Find most powerful accounts that follow both Twitter users (and how they overlap):


Which Twitter search tools are you using and why? Please let us know in the comments!