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Evaluating link quality, Google Combats Fake News & Seismic Shift In Top Companies – Weekly Forum Update

This week members asked tough questions about how to evaluate the quality of your links.

Google released features to help combat fake news and what this may mean for SEOs

Members also discussed to what degree Alphabet, Googles parent company, is a monopoly and how 5 out of the 10 biggest companies are now Internet or computer companies.

How do you find links to boost Google rankings?

Over on Webmasterworld, GoodROI asked about qualifying link opportunities with directory submissions and pagerank being long dead – this is something that many of us in the SEO world have wrestle with. Members joined in with a variety of interesting tactics.

Jestermagic recommended a content marketing approach but caveated it with that it works best for already established sites:

“For the most part I don’t do much to chase down links. What I do is provide useful content that sometimes gets linked to by major media outlets (and others). This approach works for a well establish site that is over a decade old.

It doesn’t work for newer sites that I have which don’t have the backlinks.”

EditoralGuy chimed in about leveraging online PR for link acquisition

“I suspect that public relations is more effective than trolling for links, assuming that you have the type of content that people want to cite as additional resources for whatever they’re writing about.”

On this front, Iamlost included thoughts on his homegrown onlinePR approach

“I also did outreach to niche journalists, initially local (in a great many localities but individually local) whenever there was a news story I could piggyback on. Journalists collect resources, I collect journalists.”

Iamlost also mentioned leveraging third parties to host content, link, and send referral traffic

“I only place 10-15% of slideshows and videos on third parties, i.e. SlideShare, YouTube.”

Can a single backlink affect an entire site?

This question from Halaspike, is definitely one many of us ask ourselves when trying to correlate our linkbuilding efforts to our traffic!

Keyplyr mentions the domain authority factor that can be affected by the links you’re getting

“Backlink juice is a page-by-page type of thing, but if the link if from an authoritative source, there *could* be a Trust factor benefit applied to the site.

On the down side, if the link is from a bad-neighborhood, there *could* be a negative impact to the site.”

Buckworks comments that its theoretically possible but don’t hold your breath

“It can’t be assumed that a link from “a very high quality website” will automatically confer a lot of SEO benefits. There will be some, of course, but the effects might vary a lot depending on what page the link is on. Even on an authoritative site, not every page is a strong page, SEO-wise, so not every link will be a strong one.”

Google talks about its latest search quality improvements

Both Google and Facebook are racing to figure out how to combat offensive and false in the midst of recent criticisms. Engine comments that many of the items mentioned are things that are already known in the SEO community, such as domain authority but Google will begin adding flags to featured rich snippets and user feedback mechanisms for autocomplete and featured rich snippets.

It will be interesting to watch how these changes affect opinion pieces and new publishers, as well as how Google will combat adversarial attempts to manipulate new feedback mechanisms.

Google PR Replacement

As measuring the value of acquired links has become increasingly challenging in recent years, member wygk looks for an alternative. Members state that there is no great alternative but suggest several subscription-based alternatives to provide some rough guidance, including Majestic Flowmetrics and Moz Domain Authority.


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  1. On “how do you find links to boost google ranking”.
    I totally agree with a comment by Jestermagic that you mentioned on top. It’s fairly easy for well established site to get backlinks on the basis of quality content while it’s a tough task for a new site.
    For a new site blog commenting and social sharing of the well established site content can bring a newbie in the radar of those experienced bloggers which makes it easier for them to grab a guest post opportunity and build backlinks well as good relations with other veteran bloggers.
    On Google PR replacement i feel Moz domain authority is proving to be a good substitute. Though there are several other metrics like Alexa rank, moz pagerank, Majestic flowmetrics, semrush rank etc. but these can be tempered with few highly influential factors.

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