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Penguin Algorithm Updates

Penguin is a series of Google search engine algorithm changes that aim to improve the quality of search results and reduce the impact of certain types of SEO tactics. Penguin algorithmically correlates and discounts the value for certain types of backlinks that Google has found to be unnatural. Unfortunately, sometimes, the activities of previous marketing vendors or the legacy impact of dated SEO practices can cause high-quality websites and online brands to lose traffic because of these updates.

If you have been affected by a Google Penguin update, you can see a dip in your Google organic traffic on one of the dates listed:

Here are the dates of the Panda Updates To remediate the effects of a Penguin update, your backlinks must be recorded, catalogued, and analyzed and a plan of action must be made to address as many of the backlinks to the website as possible.

Google Penguin Update Solutions

Discovery and Data-Gathering

Our team of analysts will speak with you via a discovery call to learn about your unique case. The analysts will then utilize our proprietary tools to analyze your backlink profile for high-risk link patterns that may have triggered Penguin, including but not limited to:

Jim Boykin, the CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, has more than 15 years of experience studying the effects of backlinks on search results, and his knowledge is passed down through his Ninja team. Using our proprietary tools to gain further insight, we can help facilitate recovery from Penguin by providing an end-to-end service from data-gathering to execution. By hiring us, you are getting the expertise of a team that analyzes links better than anyone else in the industry.


Once analysis is complete, we then create the disavow document including those links we are confident are not adding positive value to your website.


Our team will hand-review your backlinks to confirm malicious patterns within your backlink profile while taking care to preserve all authentic and high-quality backlinks that are still driving value to your website.

Ongoing Execution

After the disavow document is submitted to Google Webmaster Tools, we will monitor the progress of your recovery and tune the strategy as needed.