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Our client list is confidential. Many clients are in highly competitive markets and don’t want their competitors knowing who’s working with them. We also don’t want any competitors analyzing everything that we’re doing on the sites we work with.

Industry and Linkedin Testimonials

Rand Fishkin on SEOMOZ’s Recommended SEO, Web Development & Support Firms page, says: “Jim Boykin runs one of the best SEO outfits in the US, providing high quality consulting and hands-on training, speaking and other services to mid-size and large companies around the world.” … and “Jim and crew are listed again for their highly relevant and well priced link building specialist services.” Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz
Jim is one smart, reliable and very down-to-earth guy – although being hell busy (as you can imagine for such a top SEO) he always gets back to my e-mails in time, so working together was very smooth so far. I appreciate all his insights and posts on his weblog – having a beer or two with Jim exceeds what you would learn in a 15 days conference IMHO . This guy knows his stuff! kudos! Christoph Cemper, Owner, CEMPER.COM
If you’ve ever heard Jim speak at a conference there’s no doubt he’s on the leading edge of the Search Marketing arena. He delivers top notch advice, ideas, and strategies, without needing to resort to trickery or selling “snake oil”. He should be on every company’s short list of people to talk to. Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Group Inc. and SEO Blogger Graywolf

As one of the most knowledgeable guys in the SEO community, Jim is an asset for your organization. Couple his knowledge with his ethical practices, attention to detail, creative thinking, and SEO tools, and Jim and the entire WBP team are a force to be reckoned with. We had very positive results with Jim and his team, and would highly recommend him for work in the online marketing industry.
Greg Hartnett, President, Best of the Web

WeBuildPages Review of WeBuildPages’ link building services.
Michael Gray (Graywolf)Graywolf’s SEO Blog

“Jim and the WeBuildPages are the best (and only) organic SEO firm to which I recommend people. Go with Jim if you want top rankings, otherwise, good luck!”
Andy HagansAndy Hagans Link Building

Jim has a well earned reputation as an online marketing consultant. Aside from his personal ability he has successfully built his company to be one of the most sought-after agencies in the industry. I would have no hesitation in giving my full recommendation for Jim or the WBP team
Nick Wilsdon, Owner, e3internet

Jim has been a leading voice in the digital marketing industry for over a decade. His experience, wisdom, and intelligent ideas are the basis for success. He has a genuine interest in supporting others and takes active steps to make the right things happen. Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager — Webmaster Outreach at Bing
I have known Jim Boykin for 5 years. His techniques during any given year are literally 5 years or more ahead of what anyone else is doing. I have also found him to be brilliant, reliable and generous. In the online world where we have all found many people to be untrustworthy, he is one guy who I really trust, and call my friend. FYI, Nobody asked me to write this. Much Love, dk from Purpose Inc (& a San Diego Chiropractic)
I gained some insight into the practices of our industry’s foremost link development consultants. I was able to see for myself that these guys are for real and they’ve done a good job of consolidating theory with evidence and thereupon manifesting best practices for link development. AbhilashSEO Blogger and Link Ninja

Well known in the industry, long time link builder, and good guy.
Barry Schwartz, President, RustyBrick, Inc. and Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Watch.

Jim is a well established member of the SEO community and is highly respected. He has offered his knowledge on numerous occasions and I would recommend him to anyone in need of bettering their search presents.
Truman J. Hedding , Vice President Search Marketing at Boulevards New Media

Aaron Wall (SEO Book) say’s the following on WBP Alexa rating for webuildpages.com: I write a popular blog and book about search engine optimization. I spend most of my time tracking the latest news and have little time to work on client work. Having said that, I get a ton of leads from people wanting me to work on their site. I don’t have enough time to do that though. Not wanting to risk the brand I worked so hard to build, it took me a while to find someone trustworthy enough to send leads at. At a recent SEO conference not 1 but 2 people came up to me and thanked me for referring them to Jim Boykin. It is pretty rare in the SEO field to get thanked in person by strangers that you only met via email, and that shows what a great job Jim does.
Aaron Wall of SEO Book and Threadwatch

Jim and WeBuildPages are a firm I consistently refer people to for great link building and targeted SEO campaigns in a wide variety of markets. Always professional, always reliable and very friendly – great to work with all around.
Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz

I’ve known Jim for close to 10 years, and during that time, I’ve seen him grow his company, attracting some of the best in the industry to come work with/for him. He has vast experience in the industry and always keeps an audience engaged (he’s typically swamped by attendees asking for his advice and thoughts during breaks at conferences) during his (heavily in-demand) presentations, where he delivers actionable strategies and tactics. Through my interactions with him, I’ve seen that he’s a hard-working visionary who gives back to the industry and who also encourages the industry to give back to local communities through sponsoring events for charities at conferences. Simon Heseltine, VP of Education/Board member at SEMPO
Dan Kramer says “It has nothing to do with Luck”: As lucky as Jim feels, I believe his success has nothing, or very little, to do with luck — and everything to do with follow-through, honesty, and efficacy. These three characteristics are increasingly rare in the SEO industry and should be treasured when found. Dan Kramer of Ihategoogle.com, SEO software creator, and Webmasterworld moderator
Jim is one of the brightest minds in search marketing. He is always at the top of the industry with ideas to get clients top search rankings. I highly recommend him and have enjoyed working with him over the last 4 years. Patrick Gavin, President, Text Link Ads Inc. and Blogger on Link Building Blog

Jim has exceptional dedication to his work and to the people that he works with. That unique work ethic becomes abundantly clear in the form of solid, consistent results. I thoroughly recommend Jim and his team to anyone seeking optimal performance for their website, since Jim’s prodigious experience encompasses practically every facet of internet marketing.
Darrin J. Ward Founder, SEO Chat / Google Dance

Jim has an extreme passion for all things search that comes out when you talk to him. Some people are good at what they do – some love what they do – Jim has both, and it is apparent in the way We Build Pages is run. His excitement is infectious and his campaigns are successful – for these two reasons, Jim will have a client waiting list and a satisfied client roster for quite a long time.
Todd MalicoatStuntdubl SEO Blogger and Webmasterworld Moderator

“Jim Boykin is a great example of a determined entrepreneur and a true “live and breathe” SEO. From the free tools to the conference photos on the WeBuildPages site and his excellent blog, Jim has been a generous supporter and advocate of the search marketing industry. He’s also one of the few people that “get” SEO.
Lee Odden, President, TopRank Online Marketing and Online Marketing Blog

Conference Speaking Testimonials

Ungagged Las Vegas 2016

  • Thank you for your presentations Jim. … I listened to 4 of your presentations and enjoyed them. … – Justin
  • Thank you for a great presentation and for sharing great insights and tips. – Ronis
  • Your presentations are most inspiring! Thanks for sharing this stuff. – Piticas

Pubcon Austin 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

ClickZ Live San Francisco 2016 - Feedback from Twitter

Digital Summit Philadelphia 2016 - Feedback from Twitter

Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 - Feedback from Twitter

ClickZ Live San Francisco 2014 - Feedback from Twitter

Affiliate Summit East 2014

  • Scores: Content – 10 out of 10 / Speaker – 10 out of 10
  • Funny, super relevant, excellent examples
  • Very informative & value based material. I LOVE that he has the presentation online which helps you not miss stuff
  • Very well spoken/passionate about SEO, smart, easy to understand

SES San Francisco 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SES San Francisco 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SES San Francisco 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SMX London 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SMX London 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SMX London 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

SES New York 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

Pubcon Austin 2013 - Feedback from Twitter

Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 - Feedback from Twitter

Search Exchange 2012 - Feedback from Twitter

Search Exchange 2012 - Feedback from Twitter

Pubcon Hawaii 2012 - Feedback from Twitter

SES NYC 2010 - Feedback from SES Survey

  • Wow. And this was a ADVERTISEMENT? Best session so far!
  • WOW, he has some kind of mojo. Would love to hear more from him and Chuck.
  • Jim is a great guy and does not hold back. His sessions are always refreshing.
  • Very informational.
  • Learned some things I had not thought of

SES London 2010 - Feedback from SES Survey

  • Great insights
  • Interesting and practical
  • One of the best sessions this year.
  • Excellent session. A lot of practical information. By far the best session that I have attended during the conference.
  • Very useful and entertaining session by Jim Boykin 🙂
  • All the detailed examples where very useful
  • Very clarifying session.
  • I love these ‘grey-hat’ sessions!!!
  • Best session of SES.
  • It covered all the basics , could have been more detailed on some complex topics
  • Jim was offbeat to put it mildly, but the session was great. We were a bit sidetracked by too many link buying questions, but overall it was very very solid
  • Again the session should have been longer
  • Jim really was funny interesting to listen to. He gave a lot of knowledge and kind enough to answer as much questions as possible.

SES London 2010 - Feedback from Twitter

SES London 2010 - Feedback from the We Build Pages Blog

  • Jim, I absolutely LOVED your session at SES London. Your enthusiasm was as infectious as your advice. Singularly the most entertaining speaker there, and boy you know your stuff. I’ve put some points to work already, with early success. Brilliant, just brilliant, thank you. – Dave eRocket
  • Your talk was indeed one of the SES London highlights. In all honesty the fact that it was only you for 1 hour was the main reason I attended over the Real Time SEO talk. I prayed you would go beyond the whole “This is a link”, “This is anchor text”, “Links are like votes”… and you certainly delivered. – Malcolm Slade

Favorite Tidbits from PubCon 2009 This was seriously one of my favorite sessions. The speakers (including Rand) had a ton of great information but the one that really stood out to me was Jim Boykin of We Build Pages. He gave away some really great tips… SEOMoz

Pubcon Feedback Jim’s presentation was, by far, my favorite because he was very up front and told it how it is. Since he speaks at so many conferences, he makes it a point to present new information every time. I thoroughly enjoyed the candid nature and honesty of his presentation. He gave us a “behind-the-scenes” look into his actual link building processes. A lot of his methods are similar to what I have already been doing… but it is nice to have this type of confirmation from an industry expert. This information is priceless for the beginning SEOer and I hope they left with some good notes. Needless to say, I did indeed take-away a few great points from Jim’s presentation. SEO Disco

Thanks Jim Boykin The presentation by Jim Boykin was head and shoulders above the rest… .All the other presentations, in that session as well as in others, were very much more general and more focused on what not to do with your link building campaign. Jim’s presentation was very focused, and he gave concrete examples of a method that he uses for link building. If you ever have an opportunity to attend a conference where Jim is presenting, be sure to schedule yourself to be there to see him. If you’re looking for a firm that does link building too, you should consider giving him your business. Peter T. Davis

Webmasterworld wrap up Jim’s presentation was jam packed with actionable do it now data which I thought was just great. And really well presented. Mike Grehan

Scott contacted us about obtaining our services, and in our contact form we ask “How did you hear about us?” and his response was “your seminar in Chicago (Hostingcon 2007) — it was worth the entire trip!” Scott R

Interviews with Jim Boykin

“I recently came up with a new list and asked Jim many SEO business related questions, in large part because he runs one of the few SEO companies that I feel comfortable referring leads to. At the recent WebmasterWorld conference I had not one, but two different people come up to me and thank me for referring them, which makes me feel great for recommending them.” Aaron Wall