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Technical SEO Audit & Website Analysis

Since 1999, Internet Marketing Ninjas has worked with brands big and small to gain a foothold or to help them improve their visibility in organic search. An essential part of that is developing the right strategy, which can be accomplished with a full website analysis.

Geared for Multiple Stakeholders

Our analyses are summarized with clarity and precision to speak to all stakeholders including executives and marketing teams; and they are technical enough for your IT team to take action.

Individualized Strategy

No more data dumps that you have to interpret. We sift through the data and develop an individualized strategy which caters both to your goals and the greatest needs of your website.

Decades of Experience

For each website audit, a lead analyst drives the strategy with support from three other in-house analysts, each with 10+ years’ experience in the industry.

Prioritized Roadmap

Our recommendations are prioritized, giving your team a roadmap to success from fixing technical issues to investing in areas that can foster short-term and long-term growth.

Consulting & Support

Every action item is written by an actual analyst, not a program, who is available to provide consulting and support after your audit is delivered.

Exclusive Proprietary Tools

Our tool suite is developed in-house so we are able to collect and present data in ways no other company can.

Every customized, hand-crafted website audit includes the following:

What People Are Saying...

Rand Fishkin

CEO & Founder of Moz Jim Boykin runs one of the best SEO outfits in the US, providing high quality consulting and hands-on training, speaking and other services to mid-size and large companies around the world.


We are beyond impressed with the customer service and quality of work that IMN produces. They have helped us realize several "ah-ha" moments and improve the overall SEO sophistication of our websites. IMN employees truly deserve the title of Ninjas.

John McDougall

As an owner of a small search engine marketing company, having access to the latest info on SEO is critical. I have had consultation phone calls with many of the top SEO'S and have sent my employees to training at one of the very top search marketing companies. Talking to Jim has been the best experience yet. He doesn't beat around the bush and tells you the real deal on getting organic ranks.

Carl W

Thank you so much for your clear, competent, friendly, and superlative advice with promoting my website and SEO consultation. I've tried a number of companies, and you're definitely the best.