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Using the Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Content matters, not only from an end user perspective, but also from a search engine perspective. The words used on a webpage, including what type (keywords or stop words), how they are used (alone or within phrases) and where they are used (link text or non-link body text), can all influence the value of the page in search. The Keyword Density Analysis Tool, a free SEO tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas, enables you to run a keyword analysis of an existing page on your website. Alternatively, you can even use our free keyword density tool to run a keyword density analysis of a very successful competitor. The keyword density analyzer tool is extremely useful in helping users to refine the keyword distribution within the existing content of their site.

To use the keyword density analysis tool, type or paste a full URL in the text box to view the keyword density analysis of that page. The Keyword Density Analysis Tool returns a detailed report on the text content of the page. The report generated by the keyword density analyzer tool includes:

The SEO keyword density tool displays this data followed by two tables containing keyword density usage. The first table of the keyword density analysis shows the most often-used keywords found in all text used on the page, broken down by descending lists of one-word, two-word, and three-word phrases, with a usage frequency count for each word or phrase.

In the keyword density tool’s second table, a subset of the first, the keyword research tool provides keyword density data specifically on non-linked text on a page (which is important because link text is interpreted by search engines as a description of the linked page, making the non-linked keyword text distinction an important facet of the page’s value in search).

In both tables produced by the keyword density analysis tool, the top 10 words and phrases in each column are shown. If there are more data available, the SEO keyword density tool displays a Show/Hide link at the bottom of the column, enabling the additional data to be shown.

What text is counted

The Keyword Density Analysis Tool counts text found in the on-page body text, as well as text used within and heading tags. As a result, you can use this free keyword density tool to see which words and phrases are already used frequently on the page and mirror those words and phrases in the most valuable metadata tags, such as , heading tags, and alt text to improve the keyword relevance.

After running the keyword density tool, you may also find that you need to tweak the content of the page to ensure the most important keywords are used with reasonable frequency–but not to the point of keyword stuffing, which can generate search engine penalties. Use this free keyword density tool to gain insight to the page content you already have. The keyword density tool can also help guide your SEO site review efforts to getting what you actually want and need on the page.

Internet Marketing Ninjas is pleased to offer this free keyword density analyzer tool to SEOs and webmasters. If you found the SEO keyword density tool useful, be sure to check out the other valuable SEO tools available online.

Stop words list

Stop words are words that carry no keyword relevance value, and as a result, the search engines generally ignore them when crawling and indexing a page.

Note: After using the keyword density analysis tool, you may wish to make some changes accordingly to your website’s content. While stop words confer no keyword relevance value, be sure your on-page content is written in normal language intended for human readers. Overly-optimized text that is little more than a keyword dump list will be recognized as such by search engine crawler algorithms as human reader unfriendly and can adversely affect a page’s ranking. While it is good to take pointers based on the results of the free keyword density tool, always write your text content in natural, well-formed language specifically for your targeted human audience. Search engine algorithms value this type of content the most.

Click Here for a sample list of common words that are considered stop words.

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