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Jim Boykin
Founder and CEO

Jim Boykin is the founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas (formerly We Build Pages). Jim was born and raised in Upstate NY, where he has built a reputation as a leader in the SEO industry. Jim originally launched We Build Pages in 1999 as a one-man web design company. However, Jim's inherent knowledge of search engines led to IMN developing into one of the world's most well-known and trusted link building agencies. When Jim isn't in his office to 2:00AM, he loves spending time with his two sons and thoroughly enjoys going to concerts. Jim also proudly supports many local causes and gives back to the community through philanthropic endeavors.

Ann Smarty
Community and Brand Manager

As Community and Brand manager, Ann Smarty’s work is focused on both regularly contributing to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and serving as an internal SEO resource for the team. Ann Smarty has been involved in various high-profile roles in the SEO industry for more than seven years. Her background includes working as Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Journal and being a regular columnist at some of best-known Internet Marketing online publications including SEOmoz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner and more. Ann's search and social experience ranges from content creation and social media marketing to SEO reporting and consulting. Ann's expertise in Internet Marketing tools also helps in internal tool development and testing process.

Chris Sullivan
VP Sales

Chris Sullivan joined the Internet Marketing Ninjas team in 2007 and is responsible for sales, client development, and growth opportunities for the company. Chris works closely with the SEO and support staff to organize campaigns tailored towards each client's individual needs and to ensure goals and expectations are met on a continual basis. You'll be working with Chris or a member of his team in the early stages of developing or refining an Internet marketing strategy for your business and deciding how IMN can best assist you in the execution stages of the project.

Before joining Internet Marketing Ninjas, Chris graduated from Siena College with a degree in Marketing and Management, and came to IMN with a background in affiliate marketing. Working under Jim Boykin for over 5 years in roles ranging from link ninja to SEO analyst and team lead has allowed Chris to gain & share extensive knowledge of developing an organic search campaign with a clear vision and results-driven focus. In his free time, Chris enjoys traveling and spending time with family & friends.

Suzy Gray
Director of Social Media

Suzy is involved in both the hands-on management and strategy creation of each social media campaign at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She assists clients in developing and executing social media campaigns that increase social authority in search engines, build a brand identity, and establish a consistent share of voice in the social landscape. You'll work with Suzy to develop a custom social media campaign that meets your needs, whether your goals are to create an outlet for streamlined customer service, increase your traffic and rankings, or build a community of brand ambassadors. Suzy has held many positions at Internet Marketing Ninjas since joining the company in 2007, and prior to joining IMN she worked in public relations at a Manhattan-based firm. She graduated from Marist College in 2006. In her spare time, Suzy can be found perfecting a new cupcake recipe or reading a good book.

Sean Cohan
VP Client Services

Sean arrived at Internet Marketing Ninjas (then We Build Pages) in May of 2008, fresh off of three separate careers which included television listings, restaurant ownership and an interesting stint in the antiques business. For each business he helped establish, maintain and grow online presence, without even a lick of SEO knowledge or expertise. And he's kicking himself today, but just a little, for it was his curiosity about how to market one's self online that led him to Jim Boykin's door as the first decade of the 21st century came to an end.

He began his career at IMN as a linkbuilder, progressing through the ranks to become a link team leader, reporter/analyst, trainer and eventually Vice President of Client Services, a position he's held since October 2013. He works with a staff of dedicated account managers whom he claims make his job the most enjoyable he has ever held.

Paul Mikulski
Director, Accounts

Paul's been a Safari Driver, Donut Maker, and Fireworks Coordinator, but his most enjoyable work has been as a Ninja. He joined Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2011, beginning his SEO journey as a link-builder, and has held roles as a mentor, trainer, and in internal support prior to joining the Client Services team. His role as Director of Accounts allows Paul the opportunity to work to his passion of providing world class service. His previous experience, working for the Walt Disney Company, fine-tuned the customer service skills that he applies to his work with each and every Ninja client. Paul works to build relationships that allow him and his clients to partner in employing the strategies developed by the Ninja team to grow the client's online presence. He now lives in Clifton Park, New York, with his wife, young son, and dachshund named Olive.

Sarah Russell
Senior Link Builder

Sarah Russell is a true ninja of link building. Starting her career at Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2006, Sarah is one of the original employees of the company. Learning first hand from Jim Boykin himself, she has not only mastered this time consuming skill, but has passed on her knowledge to others. Over the years, Sarah has shared her methods of link building throughout numerous strategic training courses, presentations and conferences. Sarah's talent and drive has advanced her all throughout the company, lending her brain and skills to various departments and services. Whether she is managing her own team or playing a vital role in the training process, Sarah’s knowledge and enthusiasm has been the foundation of Internet Marketing Ninjas for nearly 10 years. Sarah’s hard work and dedication to IMN has allowed her to travel across the United States for SEO conferences, seminars and meetings.

Sarah grew up in Queensbury, NY and graduated with honors from the University of New Haven. With a focus on communication and music industry, she never imagined herself to be in the internet marketing industry, but couldn't be happier that she is. In her spare time, Sarah loves any reason to get dressed up and socialize, but is just as content to stay at home with her cat.

Craig Mormino
Director of Linkable Assets

Craig joined Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2011 where he worked and gained valuable experience in a number of SEO fields such as link building, social media marketing, and community management before joining the linkable asset team which he has led since July of 2014. Craig and his team work to craft linkable, highly visual content that creates brand awareness while funneling niche demographics to your site. This highly specialized and exciting content is purpose-built to capitalize on recent trends and achieve success in four main areas which include link acquisition, viraltiy, traffic, and brand recognition.

Craig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Behavior, and Law from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. His hobbies and interests include do-it-yourself projects, video games, traveling, good food, good beer, and spending time with family and friends.

Adam Wells
Lead Analyst

Adam is one of the lead analysts at Internet Marketing Ninjas, providing action items, reporting, consulting and always monitoring the traffic trends. In 2011 he was hired as an in-house writer for the Content Team, but after the teams were asked to provide some analysis, his nitpickiness was his nexus to a new position. His experience working for Upstate New York’s convenience store chain, Stewart’s, has prepared him for the plethora of personalities he consults on a daily basis, but he loves nothing more than digging into a new client’s website and finding the areas of opportunity. Adam lives in Ballston Lake with his wife-to-be, Andrea, and their Welsh corgi, Atlas.