Capture position 0 in Google search results

Everyone wants to be #1 in the SERPs, but for many queries, #1 isn’t enough anymore. Google featured snippets, sometimes also called answer boxes, are placed higher and displayed more prominently than the organic search results, stealing attention and clicks from even the top-ranked page. These snippets are also read aloud in response to voice searches. At Internet Marketing Ninjas, we know how to get a featured snippet, and we will help you grab “position 0” from your competitors.

Leveraging Featured Snippet Data

Using our expertise alongside the invaluable data from our first-of-its-kind featured snippet tool, we can optimize your content to maximize your chances of gaining these valuable positions in the SERPs. Our comprehensive featured snippet optimization targets three types of opportunities, all of which can help your site gain prominence and clicks in Google's results.

Competitor Featured Snippet Optimization

After analyzing the keyword phrases for which your site ranks to find instances where Google displays a featured snippet highlighting one of your competitors, we identify the best opportunities for you to capture snippets, and our skilled content development staff will make the necessary alterations to your on-page content, paying special attention to factors such as text formatting and content relevancy that can affect the likelihood of gaining these positions.

"People Also Ask" Optimization

On many Google search results pages, you’ll also find a list of related “people also ask” queries, which you can click on to view further featured snippets. We can also find and optimize for these opportunities to maximize your odds of gaining relevant snippets.

"Searches Related to" Optimization

At the bottom of a SERP will often be a section of phrases related to the originally searched keyword phrase. These phrases may also display featured snippets when searched, and our featured snippet optimization efforts can address them as well.

SEO Content Optimization

Feature Snippet Optimization

Before your site can capture Google featured snippets, it needs to rank well for your target keyword phrases: Pages that rank lower than 15th in the SERPs have almost no chance of gaining the snippet for that phrase. If you need to boost your rankings, we can help by optimizing your site’s content for high-value keyword phrases. Once you rank for more keywords, you’ll be able to target those snippets more effectively.