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Did you know that 56.7 million U.S. searchers require special accommodation when using a computer? That means that if you are just marketing online in the United States, 18% of all US searchers will have trouble accessing your website unless accessibility requirements are followed. Meeting accessibility requirements allows special needs users to fully access site content, especially imagery or other typically visual content such as charts and graphs. After all – these visitors are important customers, too.

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For some sites, passing accessibility requirements is not only beneficial, but mandatory.

  • U.S. Government websites, and businesses that accept government funding are required by law to be compliant with Section 508. (This is the same law that requires a physical store to provide handicap parking, etc.)
  • Education related websites, such as colleges and schools are eager to be compliant due to the wide range of students they cater to.
  • All of the digital and text assets on your e-commerce or information site will benefit from being accessible, especially large websites that target a versatile audience – the more users that have a positive, fluid experience on your site, the higher your conversions will be.
  • Accessibility compliance guidelines and legal requirements vary from country to country.
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements is also a great thing to think about as part of a redesign. Designing for accessibility may also help increase rankings, as it helps search engines better crawl your website and understand page relevancy.

There are many considerations involved in meeting accessibility requirements, and the experts at Internet Marketing Ninjas have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of making your site compliant.

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