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The How's and Why's of Online
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The days of using "password" as your logon password are over, and for good reason. Our growing, collective reliance on cloud computing services and online access to accounts means we use passwords more and more. The improvements to cheap, computer processing power enables organized criminals to commonly use dictionary attack and brute force attacks that are alarmingly effective. Weak passwords are open gateways for others to access your accounts, take over your computer, take your data, disrupt your work, steal your identity, damage your reputation, and possibly ruin your business or your life. And despite all of this, our busy schedules mean we often don't put enough thought into creating secure passwords.

You likely will benefit from using an online password generator to improve your password security.

How often should you change your passwords?

Many security authorities recommend changing your passwords every 90 days. Since it can be difficult to continually come up with new passwords, using a secure password generator is a helpful tool. The older your password, the more time criminals have to try to crack it. Some accounts, such as those with financial services or internal business networks, may require even more frequent password changes. Check with each system for which you have a password for a schedule. If there is no password reset requirement, create your own schedule and use a password generator online to create new, secure passwords.

What is good password strength?

Your basic passwords should generally be at least eight characters long (although check each account for its password requirements for specific requirements and limitations). Note that all other things being equal, longer is better for password strength. Our free password generator can create passwords of up to thirty characters.

You will notice that our online password generator offers a number of options related to letters, digits, and symbols. The most secure passwords incorporate not only CAPITAL and lower-case letters, but numbers, and the special symbols from the keyboard's top-row number keys and punctuation marks. Here's why the free password generator creates passwords in this manner: if you use a lower-case letter for the first character, criminals only need be concerned about 26 choices to crack that character. But adding capital letters as an option to the password adds another 26 choices. Adding digits adds another 10 choices, and adding symbols can add up to another 32 choices (not all systems accept all symbols in passwords, so check the requirements). So if you're cracking a password that uses only 26 options per character versus up to 94 options, multiplied by at least eight characters, you've made your password exponentially harder to crack. Check the password strength of your current passwords, and then consider using our random password generator online to change passwords as needed.

How secure is my password?

Having a great password is excellent in concept, but can be a challenge in implementation. First of all, you have to be able to remember it. This leads to people writing the password down and leaving it next to the computer. It's like writing your PIN on the back of your ATM card. If you lose that marked ATM card, your account is in serious jeopardy.

Install good password management software, one that uses a secure password to manage access to the program, and that stores your passwords in an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-encrypted repository. Many password managers now securely sync your desktop password collections to your mobile devices, so you can also access your new, secure passwords on your laptops, tablets and smartphones. Best of all, by using a good password manager, you can then use a strong password generator to create very strong passwords and not worry about the need to remember them.

Other good password security things you should know

A long, random, ultra password created by a strong password generator is of no value if your computer is infected with viruses and malware that enable hackers to copy everything you type. Here are a few more computer security tips that can help ensure your passwords remain safe:

Ultimately, using a password generator online and creating good passwords that are more secure is your first line of defense in preventing criminals from accessing your accounts. To make the strongest, random passwords, consider using our free, online password generator.

Quick and Easy Free Password Generator Tool

To create a strong password with the free password generator, select which types of characters you want to include (some systems restrict the use of certain types of characters, so first check the password requirements of the account you are setting up). Your free passwords generator options include using:

The online password generator allows you to use any combination or all of the character options available to generate a new password. Once your options are set within the secure password generator, click Get your Password! Your new password will be presented in the strong password generator box, along with a mnemonic hint. If you don't want to use the password presented by the secure password generator, confirm the options settings, and then click Get your Password! again to generate another unique pass

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