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Were you affected by March’s Google Core Update or Spam Update?

Navigating Google updates & diagnosing specific causes of traffic loss is a challenging task. Each year, there are numerous Google updates, some of which may have had a major impact on your rankings and performance. Many of these updates even overlap, making it exponentially difficult to pinpoint which changes are necessary to recapture your lost visibility.

If you’ve been negatively affected by any search engine changes, suspect you may have been, or otherwise noticed a drop in organic search traffic at any point throughout the past year, we want to help get your site’s rankings back and help recover lost traffic.

Google Rankings drop

Our approach to SEO works - an average client has been with us for 4 years!

Why Internet Marketing Ninjas?

Jim & the Ninja team have successfully completed hundreds of recovery strategies over the years.

We can help recover your lost rankings and traffic in Google!

We’ve been in business since 1999 (That’s over 25 years!), specializing in SEO. The average Ninja has been with us for over 12 years, and the team as a whole has over 350 combined years of SEO experience. We’ve worked with hundreds of sites over the years, seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly. We know what works (the “food” that Google wants) to help improve your site’s rankings in Google.

Our CEO Jim Boykin has spoken at well over 100 SEO conferences, often on the topic of Google updates & rankings recovery. Improving Google rankings & SEO traffic is what we’re best known for.

Our goal is to identify as many possible issues & growth opportunities with your site, then provide an actionable solution to each. We always prioritize solutions that can have the biggest impact on your rankings.

Onboarding & Discovery

What we’ll be analyzing to find issues & improvement

We’ll start with an on-boarding call with Jim and your Client Success Manager (Sean Cohan or Paul Mikulski, each with over 15 years of experience). A Lead Analyst will also join (Jason Townley or Adam Wells) to aid in the initial discovery and begin working on your recovery plan.

Following our initial meeting, and we’ll provide our initial findings to you within 2 weeks of kicking off so both Parties can quickly get to work implementing our recommendations.

IMN team

We'll move forward with an analysis of all the issues that could possibly be causing your drop in rankings in Google

Diagnostics & Analysis

Our analysis will help you determine what areas your site is lacking in.

Pinpointing the causes of traffic loss & needed solutions

With any core (or targeted) update, there can be many contributing factors – but most of them center around your content, your backlinks, and your site’s user experience. Our action items will propose solutions to the issues.

For this, we put your site into our Client Control Panel. Our Client Control Panel houses over 50 proprietary tools that we’ll run to best analyze your website. This data-gathering phase includes Analytics Tools, Rankings Tools, Technical Tools, Link Tools, Mobile Tools, Competitor Analysis Tools, Content Tools, Video Tools, and more.

Technical aspect

Jim Boykin & Ann Smarty, along with your Lead Analyst

2+ members of our Content team

Heather Holden, & Mindy Young will analyze your content and problems and opportunities relating to it.

Content Marketing & Link Teams

will create a link earning plan moving forward to strengthen your site's topical authority.

After the first month, we’ll have a call with Jim, your Client Success Manager, and your Lead Analyst to review the action items that we’ve recommended. We will also talk about a roadmap and finalize planning for the following months.

A deeper dive to present a wholistic growth strategy

A Collaborative Approach

Initiatives your team & ours can work together on

The goal is to provide your team the solutions needed to turn your site around. Here are some things that we’ll need from you, or that we can help you with:

Fixing all technical issues that we find and for which we have recommended solutions.
Fixing any usability issues that we find and for which we have recommended solutions.
Fixing any internal linking issues that we find and for which we have recommended solutions.
Fixing all site speed issues that we find and for which we have recommended solutions.
Better optimizing the content on your pages for keywords and user intent.
Filling the content/keyword gaps that we find and have provided recommendations to create.
Improving the trust of your site, especially with E-E-A-T, and YMYL sites, as well as optimizing the trust of authors used on your site.
Optimizing your use of YouTube videos and their integration within your website.

Growth-focused Solutions

Services proven to help you regain lost rankings

Once the initial discovery phase is complete, we’ll work with you across a combination of the below services depending on your needs & resources:

After month 6, we do another review call with Jim Boykin, your Client Success Manager, and your Lead Analyst to review the progress and to plan the following months of growth.

Every 6 months, we do another big Action Item Analysis for free, and we’ll continue to provide this at no cost every 6 months for as long as you are a client. SEO requirements are ever-evolving, so it’s important to continuously revisit the plan, test, implement, measure, and revise as needed.

This service
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If your allocation for recovery is higher, we can fulfill an elevated quantity of needed deliverables more quickly, leading to faster results. Most clients grow to $200K-$250K/year with us, and we’re seeing triple-digit YOY traffic growth at that level of investment.

Contact Chris Sullivan ([email protected]) today and start moving in the right direction to recover your lost Google rankings.