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3 Tools to Access and Search Your Personal Twitter Archives

As unbelievable as it sounds Twitter is over ten years old. This is a ton of information. And even though it may feel like yesterday, most of us have joined Twitter years ago.

How often do you look back? Do you know if it’s even possible?

Today’s round up has three tools allowing you to go back in time and access your personal Twitter archives.


Do you like “On this day” feature? With how social media platforms have been developing, you’d guess Twitter would add something like that too soon! While we are waiting, there’s already an app for that.

TweetStory is an iPhone app that shows you what you tweeted on this specific day in previous years. For someone who tweets A LOT, this app has been a huge discovery!


TweetStory focuses on this aspect by offering you the possibility to see your tweets on current day but from 2007 and until last year.

The app also has push notifications in case you don’t want to miss a thing!


Snapbird is a handy tool that lets you search your personal Twitter archives. I still cannot quite understand why Twitter doesn’t have this feature built in, but it makes perfect sense to me.

You can search your own tweets and DMs. You can also choose to search your friends’ tweets to in case you are in need of quotes for your article or presentations.

I use the tool often because I tweet plenty of URLs and that’s the only way to find those URLs to reference in my future articles.

Naturally, you need to authenticate Snapbird using your Twitter credentials to give it access to your archives.



  • Any user’s timeline (including yourself)
  • Any user’s favorites (including yours)
  • Your friends’ tweets
  • Tweets mentioning you
  • Your sent and received direct messages


First Tweet

The simplest tool on our list, this one does only one thing: Shows your very first Tweet. All you need to do is to sign in.

First tweet

And what was your first tweet? Do share! Where did it all get started?


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