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The 10 Most Useful Twitter Tools and Chrome Extensions

With news of Vine’s demise recently announced, the question of the next big thing has been on everyone’s minds. What will Twitter come up with next? Will it turn a medium on its head in the way Vine’s little looping 6-second clips managed to do? Will it launch something incredible and life changing?

It will be awhile before we can find out about their next move. But whatever happens, I am going to stick to Twitter because I love Twitter but more so I love Twitter tools. No other social media platform has such a variety of awesome free tools.

Here are ten tools you have to check out.



This is a great app that allows you to quickly follow, unfollow, contact, and manage your Twitter followers. Marketers in particular can really benefit from this particular service, because time spent going through lists is time wasted, and it is one of the most energy sucking tasks required when managing a brand page.

My favorite feature though is PowerPost which identifies when your tweets normally result in more interactions and lets you schedule your future tweets to that time.

Chirp For Twitter

Chirp For Twitter

This Chrome extension is all about sharing content you find around the web. Have you seen those tweets that show part of an article in visual form, then link out? Chirp lets you highlight and screenshot, while keeping the link active.

This is awesome for people with blogs, as well. You can share shots of new posts in n eye catching way more likely to get attention than through text alone.



You could be posting the very best content available, and be far superior than competing pages, and still crash and burn. Why? Because the right demographic isn’t seeing your posts.

You need to schedule posting times for when your audience is most active. Tweriod breaks down the busy periods so you can see when your followers are on and interacting



Cut through all the noise and only see the best of Twitter, in real time, with activity analytics intact. This is an awesome Chrome extension that will alert you whenever interactions are happening that you will want to take part in.

You will never be behind on the times again; engagement can happen when things are still hot, so you get the most out of your Twitter use.



Sometimes you don’t need a fancy, expensive social media dashboard to run your accounts. But you always need a quick way to move from one account to the next, and that is where Twitcher comes in.

It is a super simple way to switch accounts without having to sign in and out. Move to one and check out updates or post, then move onto the next. It doesn’t matter how many accounts you have, Twitcher has you covered. Plus, it is 100% free… can’t beat that.



This is the OG of Twitter dashboards, and you have probably used it in the past. If not, you really should. Officially released and managed by Twitter, it is the most trustworthy social media dashboard around. It tracks your analytics and engagement, gives you projections for growth, and helps you to organize your campaigns all in one place.

Tweetdeck isn’t as thorough as some other dashboards, but it is free and Twitter-centric. Plus, you never have to worry about whether or not it is safe; Twitter itself manages it. So you aren’t putting your account in the hands of an unknown third party startup.


EmojiT - Emoji Panel for Twitter

Twitter doesn’t have its own emoticon service. Instead you have to copy/paste your own from a platform that provides compatible images, and add them into your tweets. It is inconvenient and annoying, and frankly Twitter should have fixed it a long time ago.

On the plus side, EmojiT works by creating a smiley button on your Twitter status box so you can add them in right away, without having to copy and paste. It is a very minor improvement that makes a surprising difference in the use of the site.

Silver Bird

Silver Bird

This is definitely one of my picks for the best productivity enhancers for social media marketing. It creates a little button in your toolbar that brings down a condensed version of your Twitter feed. You can read updates, search posts, and update from there in the box, without going to your account.

You can get notifications and manage your interactions quickly and effectively. The interface itself is easier to view than a lot of more popular applications (looking at you, Hootsuite), and it is free. The only downside is that it only works for one account at a time. If they added multi-account support, it would be perfect.



Get rid of tweets you don’t want to see on your timeline, or make them less visible. QuiliTweet allows you to create filters based on follows, keywords and more. Make your feed a place where only the content you want gets through to your eyes.

You can even remove certain items like buttons from your Twitter page, so you get an even cleaner view. This is the Chrome extension I never knew I needed; I now use it all the time, and I love the effect it has on my Twitter viewing.

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom

Speaking of viewing, I know I am not the only person who utterly loathes going to other tabs or pages to view content, only to find it useless when I get there.

Which is why I love Hover Zoom, a simple extension that creates a preview window where content has been linked. So you can see what you are getting without going to the next page.

Do you have a Twitter improving tool you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I like using Buffer to stop myself from blasting my followers, and also for scheduling tweets when I know I’ll be away from the computer. Two problems with the same solution. HootSuite can do the same thing. I also like that you chose not to include these on the list because presumably everybody knows about them by now.

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