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How To Manage Twitter Notifications with Tweetdeck

Twitter notificationsLast week I started a mini-series on making the most of your social media notifications by describing how Google Plus notifications work and how you can better reach out to your followers.

This time I am following up with Twitter notifications but not web-based version of it and I’ll explain why.

Of all major social media networks, I am most active at Twitter thanks to having it on my desktop. Thanks to Tweetdeck (which Twitter tried to ruin after they purchased it but failed luckily), I have all my important updates instantly delivered to my desktop – that means I can react immediately without breaking my working routine.

Tweetdeck lets me monitor important hashtags, effectively follow the list of influencers (which I described in my Reddit AMA), get notified of my domains mentions and of course have more flexibility with my notifications.

1. Separate Mentions from Notifications

Twitter web-based notifications will show everything within one screen: new follows, mentions, RTs and retweets, favorites, lists I am added to and Tweets I was tagged in.

That’s something you can import to Tweetdeck by using:

Add column -> Notifications feature

Twitter notifications to tweetdeck
That’s something I scroll a few times a day when at lunch or having a coffee break. Getting instant notifications on this would add too much clutter to my desktop. When scrolling, I am following back when I feel like doing so, thank for retweets and favorites. That also helps me keep an eye on people who seem to be *actually* following me (they tend to interact) and remember them.

The great thing about using Tweetdeck import is that you can set which types of notifications I like seeing in that column:
Tweetdeck manage notifications
Notice that I chose NOT to include mentions in that column. This is because I have a separate column for the actual mentions (Tweets tagging me) to be able to react to them instantly (always helps to create a more active conversation):
Twitter mentions
The beauty of that is that if you manage a few Twitter accounts (personal, business, etc), you can set up a separate mentions column for each of those OR even one column for mentions of ALL your connected accounts:
All twitter mentions
Another great thing of this method is that Tweetdeck will understand which of the connected Twitter accounts to initiate the reply from depending on WHO was mentioned in that column.

For example, my main Tweetdeck account is @seosmarty (i.e. whenever I click “New Tweet”, the default would be @seosmarty) BUT if @NinjasMarketing was mentioned in a Tweet, the reply will default to @NinjasMarketing
Tweetdeck replies to mentions
How cool is that!

2. Select What You Want to Be Delivered to Your Desktop

Now, I mentioned above that I like to react to Tweets mentioning me instantly (when I can). The best feature of Tweetdeck is that I can select which of the columns deliver notifications to my desktop to avoid clutter and only see what’s important:
desktop notifications
This is what allows me to keep on top of any conversation mentioning me.

PRO Tip: You can create more columns for various search results that may be important to your brand and control how “silent” each should be. For example, you may want to search for your brand name, domain name, your full name, etc mentioned and even keep all of that in one column:
Manage your mentions
Search results in the above search:

[“ann smarty” OR seosmarty OR -from:@seosmarty -@seosmarty]

  • “ann smarty” -> mentions of my full name
  • seosmarty -> mentions of my moniker whenever it happens to be untagged
  • -> mentions of my personal blog (whether it was shortened in a tweet or not)
  • OR -> ANY of the above should be included in the search results
  • -from:@seosmarty -> excluding my own tweets
  • -@seosmarty -> excluding tweets tagging me because I have a separate column for them

What’s your preferred way to manage Twitter notifications and why?


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