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How Trending Hashtags Work: Twitter, Google Plus, Vine

Hashtags are our new keywords. When used right, they can give you additional exposure in social media, engage your community and attract influencers.

“Trending” hashtags are what we, as content marketers, should be keeping an eye on to be able to make the most of hot trends.

How are social media networks sharing their hot trends with us? Let’s see!


Twitter lets you see “trends” whenever you go to your stream. You can see “location-based” trends, those that are trending near you, or you can activate “tailored trends”, those that are based on your location and who you follow
Twitter trends
How twitter trends work:

This algorithm identifies topics that are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, to help you discover the hottest emerging topics of discussion on Twitter that matter most to you (official source).


1. Hashtagify

Hashtagify has their own chart of trending hashtags. Each hashtag in it has a “breakout date” and a “breakout score”. You can see hashtags trending last month, last week, or just now.

TrendsMap is the geo-visualization of trending Twitter topics. If nothing else, it’s fun to use (and it may come quite in handy for local marketers too!)

Google Plus

You can find trending hashtags if you go to the /explore section of Google Plus.
Google Plus trending
How Google Plus trends work:

Unlike Twitter, Google’s hot trends are deliberately de-personalized:

Circles give you a personal lens on all this activity, helping you focus on updates from your family or your favorite celebrities. But sometimes you want to know what the world is so excited about. Whether it’s breaking news or beautiful photos, you just don’t want to miss anything. With this in mind, we’re launching “What’s Hot” on Google+, a new place to visit for interesting and unexpected content (Source).


Vine, the fastest-rising visual network, launched trending hashtags in April 2013.
Trending Vine
How Vine trends work:

To surface that content, we’re introducing trending hashtags, which show you the fastest-rising hashtags on Vine. These hashtags signify those that have moved up quickly in popularity; they aren’t necessarily the hashtags with the most posts. (Source)


Facebook has not yet added trending feature (They are definitely planning though). All we are lucky to have there is “Related” hashtags but even them are not easy to dig:
Facebook related
What other social network has trending hashtags? Please share in the comments!


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