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How to Stay on Top of Your Pinterest Activity

Pinterest has proven to be absolutely awesome for marketing. With its business offering, it’s going to be even more efficient, so if you are not yet utilizing Pinterest, it’s time that you start playing with it!

Here are a few tools to easily keep on top with your (and your team’s) Pinterest progress:

Pinterest Notifications

I’ve done a separate article looking at Pinterest notifications. It’s by far the best way to keep on top of your Pinterest activity.

When anyone likes or re-pins your pin

Pinterest will notify you when:

  • Your Facebook friends join Pinterest
  • Your pins are likes or re-pinned
  • When your Pinterest friend creates a new dashboard
  • When someone follows any or all of your Pinterest dashboard
  • When someone send you a pin (new)

The latter I haven’t tried yet, but looks like it’s something to play with (don’t get spammy!)

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has launched quite a robust analytics for business accounts which tracks your:

  • Pinterest profile progress
  • Your audience (your views and engagements)
  • Your verified domain (which is pretty cool: You get to see ALL pins containing your domain as well as each pin stats: Impressions, clicks*, likes and repins)

* These (unlike Twitter) shows “visits back to your website from Pinterest” (Twitter reports clicks on Tweets which is pretty useless)

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics lacks good searching and filtering options. And I wish they also showed and analyzed “my best time / day to pin”: Which I imagine should be a very interesting insight.

There’s also a paid third-party solution (which comes highly recommended) that also provides analytics:


I like its filtering and searching functionality a lot! It also gives you a good overview of your most successful boards (based on followers and repins) which should be pretty useful for analyzing your following interests.

The paid version also provides great insight into your community profiling your followers into “brand advocates”, “repinners” (the pinners who love your content the most, and showing you what you have in common) and “top referrers” (See which pinners are generating the most Traffic, Conversions and Revenue, whether they’re following you or not) – allowing you to build further relationships with those.

Pinterest Monitoring Dashboard

Cyfe is a great tool that you can turn into a social media dashboard (or even several dashboard).

It’s my preferred way to track basic Pinterest activity especially if I want to keep updated on how you team (or contributors or competitors) is doing on Pinterest: You can add lots of widgets for tracking an unlimited number of profiles.

All the widgets will all be archived for you to easily see the progress. You can set widgets to track:

  • Boards
  • Pins
  • Likes
  • Following
  • Followers
  • Or give an overview of the overall Pinterest activity


You can easily track external (those you don’t own) Pinterest accounts.

Which tools are you using to stay on top of Pinterest activity? Please share them in the comments!


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