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3 Tools Analyze Pinterest Impact on Your Content Marketing

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t absolutely adore Pinterest at this point? It has been the fastest growing social media site of all time, is now a primary source for social marketing from some of the biggest brands in the world and just a unique and fun place to share visual content of all kinds.

Similar Web provided a series of statistics on Pinterest as of this year. According to them, Pinterest:

  1. … has more than 72 million users
  2. … has a largely female audience, just as they did in the beginning, at 85%; but that means the amount of men using the site has also grown
  3. They project a rise of 5 million users in the next year

As you can see, Pinterest is a hot platform, and a valuable one for anyone who wants a well rounded content marketing strategy. In fact, this tool might be the best for targeting both social and content marketing efforts in one move.

But how do you use it? How do you analyze that use? What impact will it have on your content marketing?

Here are some tips to help you answer those questions (and more).

Define “Success” As It Relates To Your Marketing Strategy

OK, you know you want to be successful. Everyone does, of course. But what does it mean to be a success? That depends on who you ask, and that is why it is important to take into account that what you think is a win might not qualify for someone else.

The first step in finding success is to decide what that means based on your own content and social media marketing strategies. What is your final aim? Do you want to drive traffic to the source link? Widen your audience? Get a lot of followers to your pin boards? Convert to sales or subscriptions?

Once you know what you aims are, you will be able to see more clearly whether you are making progress.

Don’t Fall Into The Sometimes-Consistent Trap

This is important, though it might not seem related at first glance. How does consistency factor into monitoring data? Well, it is hard to get the full picture of how your pins are performing if you are only active some of the time. Taking times of inactivity into account is difficult, and it really screws with your data.

Don’t even try to analyze your content metrics if you have been consistently active for less than a month. In fact, the longer you have, the more reliable the data is going to be. So wait until two or three months have passed to begin analyzing is even better.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

There are an endless number of tools for Pinterest at this point, including wider social media dashboards that monitor multiple platforms. This is a totally biased list of tools that I myself have used, or that people I know have used. Feel free to add your own into the comments below.

Pinterest Analytics

Don’t take it for granted: Pinterest provides lots of insight into your account as well as your verified domain if you switch to Pinterest for businesses.

My favorite content marketing features here include:

  • The ability to see daily impressions and unique viewers
  • The ability to see most clicked pins

Pinterest Analytics

The newer option is their “Pin it” button that lets you see how Pins created from your domain send you referral traffic from Pinterest.


Monitor industry trends, as well as your own account, and act accordingly. This is a great and thorough management tool that includes analytics reports and the ability to schedule and plan content.

My favorite analytics features include:

  • Google Analytics integration to track traffic from Pinterest
  • The ability to see your “Best time” (When your pins reach more engagement)
  • The ability to group your reports by image
  • The ability to see trending images from your domain
  • The ability to intergrate it with Hootsuite


I also like the ability to schedule pins and pin from Instagram.


My personal favorite social media dashboard out there, Cyfe lets me track multiple Pinterest accounts within one dashboard. That is very essential if you are marketing several brands on Pinterest.

My favorite features include:

  • The ability to monitor basic stats for the unlimited amount of Pinterest accounts on one page
  • The ability to see Google Analytics reports next to each Pinterest report to monitor the impact

Cyfe for Pinterest

Pay Close Attention To What Pins Get The Most Mileage

Find patterns: Are the most popular ones in a certain genre? Do they look a certain way? Is there overlying text?

You’ll find lots of tips on how to get more attention to your images but really it all comes down to your niche, following and content. Never stop trying to find your own ways!

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Have any tools to add to the list? Any comments or tips? We would love to hear from you, so comment below!


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  1. Many viewers have great interest towards visuals rather than long list of text and hence Pinterest a visual sharing site is doing great. The main advantage of this site is, the pictures are easily shareable and also Google is giving good importance to visuals.

  2. Wonderful Post! It’s very important tools for pinterest it gives lot of information for how to use make sure i will use it Thanks for sharifng

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