26 Nov 2012

3 Fun Tools to Search Within Your Own Tweets

Of all of the social media sites, I think my favorite has to be Twitter. There are many reasons for this, though the biggest is that it is made for equally for personal and professional use. The features allow you to easily optimize your social media presence, and it is the simplest method I have found for reputation management.

One of the most famous features within Twitter is their “real-time” search algorithm, which perfectly utilized their hashtag system. Both have become a standard that has been copied again and again, and shows the real innovation of modern social technology.

But there is one thing it isn’t good for: searching through your own tweets. This is often a necessary task, and there is nothing worse than having to spend hours sifting through old posts in search for a link you remember you (re)tweeted or quote you mentioned – which is why it helps to have a secondary search method on hand to pick up where the official search engine falls short.

Here are three fun and functional tools for searching your own tweets on Twitter.

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In order to use this tool, you have to connect with your Twitter account through a simple login. Once you are in, it will let you search through up to 3,200 tweets you have posted to your account. You can also read them right there in the search, which makes it more efficient. The format is easier to sift through than on Twitter, where you have to constantly upload more tweets in a never ending line.

2. [block]2[/block]

All My Tweets

This one isn’t technically a search feature, but more of a single page view of all your activity. You put in your user name and it gathers all of your tweets right there for you to read. It is still easier to use than loading Twitter over and over again, and you can scroll more quickly. But the more tweets you have, the harder it might be to find a specific one. So it depends on what you need the tool for, as far as effectiveness goes.

3. [block]3[/block]


Instead of being a replacement, this is meant to be used alongside the Twitter search engine. It doesn’t search the public timeline the way that Twitter does. But it lets you view results only within your friends list, search the favorites of any user, look for keywords in direct messages and goes back further than 10 days. All you have to do is authenticate with Twitter, and it is completely free.


There are other tools out there that technically allow you to search through your own tweets. But most of them are not very good, from what I have seen, and these three are the best that I have found, Especially SnapBird, which is a very thorough way of searching through your content without getting bogged down in results.

Do you know of any good tools for searching your own Twitter feed? Let us know in the comments.