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If you build links, this paper is worth reading.

Sugarrae put together 11 SEO’s to get 12000 words on link development ideas.

Here’s the SEO’s who state their ideas on link building: Rae Hoffman – Rand FishkinRoger Montti – Todd Malicoat – Eric Ward – Justilien Gaspard – Aaron Wall – Debra Mastaler – Michael Gray – Andy Hagans – & Me.

I like how this interview was put together. All of us wrote 1 question, and they were put together anonymously and we each answered them all w/o knowing what the others thoughts were…like Rae says:

An important thing to remember about this group interview is that no one saw anyone else’s answers before writing their own. This isn’t about a single answer followed by four head nods. Any agreements come from true beliefs and any contrary opinions came from the same. We’re all good at what we do, but it doesn’t mean we always agree. 😉 I only saw the other answers as I put this post together and the others will see each other’s opinions on the questions that were posed for the first time when this is published.

Read our thoughts on link building over here. I’ve closed this thread to comments, feel free to comment under the link report on Sugarrae or at Sphinn here.


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