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19 Jan 2009

The Simple Guide to Finding Free Images for Your Blog Posts

Last week, I lamented the fact that I’d been beaten to the punch in posting about finding images for blog posts. I sent our bloggers a link to the Smackdown post, but I think that post does a little too much “throat clearing” before it gets to the good stuff. (I say this because I’ve still had a lot of questions about image rights, and I’ve had to remove some… [Read More…]

12 Jan 2009

8 Spelling & Grammar Rules You Can Break on Twitter

Lisa and I are on the same page about grammar and spelling, how it’s necessary to follow rules in order to be understood.  As much as it pains me to say it, there are rules for writing that you’re allowed to break when you use Twitter.  Because 140 characters just isn’t enough for proper English sometimes. Sentence fragments. You don’t need to use complete sentences on Twitter.  Why?  Because you… [Read More…]

23 Dec 2008

Top 10 Gifts to Give Your Favorite SEO

‘Tis the season!  Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but the secular nature of the holiday season lends itself to plenty of non-denominational gift-giving.  If you’re scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to give to your favorite SEO (or the only one you know, or the one who pays you…) here are some ideas for great SEO gifts: A potted plant. As you well know, your favorite SEO doesn’t… [Read More…]

11 Dec 2008

The Sweet Side of We Build Pages

Reason #42 why We Build Pages is so great to work for: Birthday cake. Today is Pat Sexton’s birthday.  So everyone say happy birthday to Pat.  Everyone here at We Build Pages already has, and we actually started and ended the song in the same key.  It was a miracle! We celebrate all birthdays here at We Build Pages.  Every employee gets to pick out their birthday treat, too.  I… [Read More…]

05 Dec 2008

Goodbye to the Best Friend I Never Met

Ever since the Internet became popular, there has been a lot of discussion about whether its made us all closer or just more disconnected.  Real connection is possible.  It’s rare, but you can find it.  I never understood it as well as I do right now. I lost a good friend this week.  My writing team knew her as Editor Jen.  A friend for the last 10 years, and my… [Read More…]

02 Dec 2008

Think Your Store Doesn’t Need Articles? You’re Wrong!

So you’ve got this great online store.  You’ve got customers.  You’ve even got repeat customers.  They seem to be pretty happy.  That makes you pretty happy, because that means you’re making money.  But are you really getting your fair share of the market?  Is your competitor getting business that you could be getting? You may think that you only need a great product catalog and a good advertising campaign, but… [Read More…]

18 Nov 2008

Top 7 Things We Learned From Motrin Moms

Unless you slept through Sunday and Monday this week, you were either involved in the conversation about Motrin Moms or you tried to ignore it.  Besides wasting diverting a lot of people’s time with the discussion/debate, what did we learn? Don’t mess with moms. Moms have been a huge target demographic for quite some time. After all, they tend to be the ones who do the shopping for their families…. [Read More…]