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08 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) Dear SEO Spammers, Please Do Your Homework

Dear SEO Spammers, If you are going to send out emails for your SEO services to get websites to rank on Google and Yahoo, don’t pick a website that is noindexed. (How did you even find it? Oh wait, that’s right. Google indexed it anyways.) Assuming I did want this site (not the site I use for my writers) to rank on the search engines, what do you think about… [Read More…]

03 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) All I Really Needed to Know About Internet Marketing I Learned In Preschool

My son starts preschool tomorrow. Aside from staying home from the office tomorrow and becoming a basket case (my baby is growing up!) it got me thinking. My son loves to watch Noggin, and they have some amusing promos based on this: Noggin is like preschool on TV. Don’t you wish life was more like preschool? Why yes, I do wish life was more like preschool. Thinking about it, Internet… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) Keyword-Rich Domain Names and Sites That Don’t Suck

Kurt Krejny of Fathom SEO is causing a bit of a ruckus on Sphinn with his piece about Domain Name Gaming. Basically, he’s irritated with keyword-rich domain names being bought up and filled with useless content that ranks well. I have to agree. What’s the controversy? First, johnandrews commented that Kurt’s argument is "naive and uninformed." I made a comment about human reviewers to which SpostareDuro replied, "Terrific resolve… in… [Read More…]

12 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) That page fails at meeting user intent. No, really.

* Jim’s note: Feel free to Sphinn this. Tough love. It’s something I’m going to have to start getting used to as the office consultant on user intent. It’s hard to tell someone – like your boss, or a client – that their keyword targeting campaign is due to fail miserably because it doesn’t match up with user intent. You know, it fails the Your Mom Test. I’m learning a… [Read More…]

06 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) Your mom doesn’t know SEO.

Part of my job, as I understand it, is helping to keep Jim honest. Not to imply that he would ever be intentionally dishonest – nor would most respectable SEO professionals – but I think that, sometimes, it’s easy for SEO folks to lose sight of the people who actually click on the pages they work so hard to get to the top of the rankings. That little thing called… [Read More…]

28 Jul 2008

QualityGal’s First Conference Call

I feel all "grown up" now. Jim had me called into the conference room to consult on a conference call with a client. Oh sure, there were five other people already in there, but none of them had this particular bit of expertise. It reminded me that I still haven’t written my first substantial blog entry here about user intent, and making sure a website is human-friendly, not just search… [Read More…]

22 Jul 2008

If I’d been at BlogHer, it wouldn’t have been to hear Graywolf speak

No offense at all to Graywolf, who believes it was sexist of BlogHer not to have male speakers at its 2008 conference, but I wouldn’t have gone there to hear him speak. If I’d gone at all, that is. Let me back the train up a bit. Until a few weeks ago, I was just your average mommyblogger. You’ve never heard of my mommyblog, and I’m not going to share… [Read More…]

17 Jul 2008

QualityGal is hopping on the social networking bandwagon

Alright, so not everything I do every day is quite worth making a post about here on Jim’s blog, but if you’re at all interested in what it is I do for a living, you can now follow me on Twitter. And not that you’ll need to if you’re already reading Jim’s blog, but you’ll also be able to follow my blog posts here on Facebook. Edited to add: You… [Read More…]

15 Jul 2008

Linkbait 101: School’s In For the Summer

Alright. So it’s been almost two weeks since I asked for some education in the form of linkage. Since then, Jim decided to dump an order in my lap for over 1000 articles that need to be written ASAP – no easy feat when you’re looking for high quality content. The dozen writers already on the WBP short list were not quite sufficient, so I’ve been busy recruiting, hiring, handing… [Read More…]

07 Jul 2008

Are Forums Going the Way of the Brontosaurus?

It’s QualityGal again. It appears that my boss hijacked my last blog post in the comments section with a rant about… blogs. Among other things. I’ll let my request for education simmer for a few more days to see if I get any more advice by way of links. This rant took place right around the same time he replied to my email about a project I’m working on, where… [Read More…]

03 Jul 2008

QualityGal Has Entered the [Link] Building

Hi, I’m not Jim. I’d like to introduce myself. You can call me QualityGal. Oh sure, that’s not what’s written on my birth certificate or marriage license, but it’s so much more fun than my “real name.” I almost feel like I should wear a cape and have a nemesis, but I have a feeling that my co-workers, the link ninjas, would look at me funny if I did. This… [Read More…]