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Roger Montti (Martinibuster) Joins BOTW Guys!

 As reported on the Best of the Web BOTW Blog – Martinibuster is going to BOTW!

… we are pleased to welcome Roger Montti as the newest member of the BOTW executive team.

…Roger will be acting as BOTW VP of Verticals. Our newest offering, BOTW Verticals (beta) will serve as an online resource for users to find information on various business solutions.

Wow, Roger and BOTW (Directory since 1994Blog Directory – as well as hotel marketing and several bloging projects) – Nice!

I thought I’d toss in some pics I have the Roger and the Crazy BOTW guys I have – I left out the ones that could get us arrested and the one with thier buddy Matt ;).  At all the conferences there’s always tons of BOTW supporters wearing BOTW shirts (Since 1994) (all the cool SEO’s wear them). I know I’ve got about 6 BOTW shirts in my dresser, and I’ve got 2 BOTW sweatshirts  – I wear these all the time.

Roger Montti – Martinibuster (now BOTW). Google Dance 05

Greg (BOTW) and ?, and Rob (BOTW) – New Orleans?

Motley Crue – Greg BOTW bottom right. NYC?

Brian with some wild Ask Women – NYC?

Brian (BOTW) and Tony somewhere in the US

Sumo Shoemoney and Sumo Rob (botw) – San Jose

Congrats Brian, Greg, Rob and the rest of the BOTW Crew, and Congrat to Roger as well!


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  1. I am working in a international company.
    My work is to recover the data from crashed hard drives.
    Roger Your site is very good.
    good pictures and all.

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