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Link Ninjas – SEO Pow Wow – Cheers!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while….the Link Ninja training and SEO PowWow was keeping me pretty busy this past week.

On Tuesday night Aaron came in and we ended up going to dinner with Todd as well. By the time we were done with dinner, the roads had turned pretty icy, so I decided it was best to spend the night in Troy instead of driving home…so we ended up belling up to the bar and I ordered eneough drinks so that we ended up getting kinda silly, shared some private SEO tools with each other, and made some SEO deals and talked some black hat stuff along the way. I think I ended up going to bed around 2:30 am.

Wednesday was day 1 of Link Ninjas. At the ninjas training our team poured our knowledge freely into the Link Ninjas. I think it went really well.

Wednesday night was the SEO PowWow at Browns Brew Pub.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a grand time, even knowing that my head was going to going to hurt the next day. We stayed at Browns until they threw us out, then we went to another bar. I think I ended up going to bed around 2:30 again – great night.

Thursday was day 2 of Link Ninjas (1 on 1 training) and I think that went really well as well.

Overall all, it was a blast – just seemed like 1 big ole party with SEO chatting all along.

Kat at SEOMoz has some coverage here as well.

Here’s some pics I took at the SEO PowWow:











Thanks to Bruce Stone for the Skaffe Directory Shirts and thanks to the BOTW Guys for the shirts as well! A very special thank to Aaron Wall as well for donating his time and knowledge to the Ninja Dojo.

I don’t think we’ll do another link ninjas again…this one was fun, and it seemed to go over really well…..but we don’t really have time to do things like this on a regular basis.

The SEO PowWow….I don’t know….again, had a great time….but planning things like this just isn’t in our business model….I don’t know…

Should we do the Link Ninjas again? Should we hold another SEO PowWow? If we did, would you come? Where would you want to have these held at (Some PowWow attendies from the UK were twisting my arm to do a UK thing)…. If I did, (and I don’t think I’d do), I’d insist on doing no planning – free and just winging it.

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  1. Jim,
    You should do the Link Ninjas and the SEO Pow Wow again next year. With some good marketing I’m sure it will be a big success. I had a great time at the Pow Wow, Thanks! Tony and I got some really good input as to what we need to offer for marketing and hope to get it implemented soon.

  2. I would love to go. I could do it if it were on the west coast or Las Vegas. I would be there for sure if it were in Tahiti. :^)

  3. Jim,

    I had a great time at both the Link Ninjas and the Powow. Everyone involved was amazingly friendly and open .. I just wish I could have stayed longer at the powow and got thrown out with you guys. Considering the welcome we got at the bar, It would have been a pleasure to let them have a piece of my mind!


  4. Thanks Jim and Todd – and the rest of the staff! (and to Tony at skaffe directory for buying us dinner.).

    The training session was fabulous. Picked up some very nice advanced tips,got some questions answered, and got some bright ideas to play with this week.

    Troy sucks though. Freaking wet all the time. You should move.

  5. Jim,

    Sounds like a great time – sorry the BOTW Guys couldn’t make the trip. I hope you consider organizing a SEO Pow Wow II – might I suggest NYC as a possible centralized (and easily accessible for us!) location?

    Thanks for helping to spread the good word about Best of the Web – we were happy to send some shirts and hope that you were able to give them liberally. Look forward to seeing you at SES NYC in March.

  6. Jim

    Thanks to you and all the team for the Link Ninjas session I got some really useful info out of it and more importantly the Pow Wow was a blast. As for the UK thing I think you’d have plenty of taker and I could show you some great pubs in London! Cheers again to you and the team and I look forward to seeing everyone at future conferences (or at London Link Ninjas?!).


  7. I would think something like a Link Ninjas training would grow to become pretty popular. I would definitely attend this type of session at a conference. If you are ever in the Orange County, California area… let me know! (The weather here is not too bad!)

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