16 Jan 2006

Big SEO Company – I’m going to take your clients away.

Tonight I got another lead (that is like so many we get), where the person tells me in his email:

My contract with [edited out big name SEO company] expired last month. They focused on keywords and metatags but ignored link building. My rankings on Yahoo and MSN improved, but I am still absent on Google. I want to achieve rankings for some important keywords on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). I believe this will require some refinement of content and a lot of link building….

I don’t get it….I just don’t get it…..people pay huge money to huge SEO companies and the get very fancy meta tags and keyword analysis for their 12 month contract….I think I’ve ranted about this before…but how do these big companies get away with selling “meta tag and on page optimization” for 12 month contracts….and NO LINK BUILDING….I just don’t get it!…..here’s another kicker….I know that some of these big companies (including the big SEO company name I removed above) have people who work for them who know better….they just gotta know that meta tags and on page optimization alone can’t do squat for rankings….I don’t get it.

Maybe I shouldn’t bitch….the more of the big companies that continue to do 1997 SEO, the better my company looks, and the more of their clients I’m going to take from them (because the biggest part of our work involves working on getting our clients links).

How do the big companies get away with selling 1997 SEO Techniques….or am I just “off” in my perceptions?

End of rant.


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