18 Jan 2007

LinkBait alone won’t do it. You need Link Ninjas.

It seems like everywhere I go recently I’m being hit in the face with LinkBait Articles, so I’ll join the crowd, but I’ll be brief.

Just today these articles were published:  

I had just started a very long post giving pros and cons, but I just don’t have the time to go into everything….but I’ll just do a short ramble.

I honestly believe a Link Ninja can beat a Link Baiter in the rankings, here’s some reasons why.

A Link Ninja can get focused link text. A link baiter is at the mercy of the person who links. (It can be really hard to rank for anything unless you’ve got some focus on getting text links with specific targeted phrases).

A Link Ninja can also get a site into the neighborhood that it needs to be in. A link Baiter often gets links from tech sites and blogs….but often not from the sites in the neighborhood.

A Link Ninja can have some control over co-citation (some day I’ll talk more about this).

A Link Ninja can get on older trusted pages from authority sites that might not be seeking to add more, unless a ninja influences them.  A Link Baiter often gets links from tech sites and blogs….but like I said, often not from the sites in the neighborhood.

A Link Ninja can control what pages get the link…and can get links to specific pages , homepage, product pages, etc….A link Baiter gets a link to a great content page mostly….but it’s not usually the page the site owner really wants to rank for anything.

Now I’ll give you, a mid level Ninja can do both, after all, true SEO is a combo of links and text, and the better of each you have, the better you’ll rank.  The better the content, the easier it is to get backlinks (via asking, or not).  (yes, we offer linkbait  content creation at WBP).

I can totally agree that the best backlinks in the world (and often easiest to get) are those that came because of great content (or call it Link Bait)….but without some Focused and Precise Link Building, you might not get to where you want to be.

Do you believe it?


PS, I’m going to be out for at least a day, so if I don’t respond for a day or if your comment is held in moderation, don’t worry, I’ll be back.