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SEO Class June 23-24 Edinburgh Scotland – Free to Ninjas.

The last SEO Class in April was a blast. Everyone received training from: Chris Winfield (10e20), Michael Gray (Graywolf), Kim Krause Berg (Cre8pc), Ted Ulle (Tedster), Barry Schwartz (Rustybrick), Greg Niland (GoodROI), and me (Jim Boykin (We Build Pages)).

I received a few responses from class attendees worth sharing:

  • Jim, I just wanted to personally thank you for putting on a great seminar.  I had a great time and really appreciated the time you spent with everybody attending the seminar. The NY SEOclass was money well spent for my company.  I came away with a long list of actionable tasks.  This wasn’t just theory and guesswork.  Each speaker left us with real hard advice on stuff to do right away.  The bus trip into NY city was great, I was able to talk shop with Jim and Ted for nearly the entire ride.  That might have been more valuable than the seminar! I highly recommend attending an SEOclass, I’m sure I’ll be going to the next one. Cameron W.
  • Jim, I really like the direction SEOClass has gone in! I learned a hell of a lot during the presentations and I got answers to some tough questions. That was all well worth it, but you know what was priceless? I got the chance to talk with a handful of my SEO heroes behind the scenes and get some in-depth info on stuff no one would be willing to share on the web. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and now I have another reason! Rob B.
  • Jim, I was blown away by the SEO Class you held in Troy this month. All of the speakers were terrific, I had no idea patents could actually keep my attention for an hour! They covered every subject I was familiar with and gave me insights into areas I’d never even considered. All in all, it was a great day and I learned even more than I anticipated. It was definitely worth the time and money. Jen K.
  • Jim, Just wanted to let you know that SEO Class was definitely worth the trip.  Being able to ask questions to presenters such as Ted Ulle, Greg Niland and Michael Gray was a valuable experience.  Each presenter was alloted a more than sufficient amount of time to focus on questions and concerns from the audience.  Having my questions answered by the top dogs has really opened my eyes to certain debatable topics of SEO.  Going to the SEO class was more valuable to me than any conference I have attended; you can’t beat one on one interaction.  If you’re truly serious about search engine marketing, you would be silly to pass up this opportunity. Sarah R.
  • Jim, I though I thought I knew a bit about SEO before, the SEO Class taught me so much more about websites and search engines. From rankings to site optimization, the class covered all the bases, and every single presenter provided useful information that I’ll use for years to come. I can’t wait to attend the next class! – Suzy L.

Our next SEO Class will be in Edinburg Scotland on June 23-24.

Our Speakers will be:

  • Ammon Johns (AKA Black Knight) from Fresh Egg.
    Ammon will be speaking about, SEO Myths and Truths. Thinking outside the box in your SEM campaign and the Dewey Update.
  • Barry Lloyd from Make Me Top
    Barry will be speaking about, where and what to measure when analyzing ROI for optimal performance of a SEM campaign.
  • Brian Turner (AKA iBrian) from Britecorp
    Brian will be speaking about, using a publishing model for SEO/link development/marketing.
  • Shaun Anderson (AKA Hobo and Sandpetra) from Hobo-Web Ltd
    Shaun will be speaking about the finer arts of on Page Search Engine Optimization and internal linking methods.
  • Jim Boykin from We Build Pages
    I’ll be speaking on "What a Google Quality Rater Evaluates.", "8 Killer Ninja Tools, and how to use them." "Tips for improving your click-through rates.", "Ninja Linking Tricks".
  • We’ll be doing the classes each morning, and networking, sightseeing, chatting SEM, stopping by some pubs, touring a castle, etc during the late afternoons and evenings. A great time will be had by all!

    The cost is $2995, or Free to Members of Internet Marketing Ninjas (as a Ninja you get 1 free pass to any SEO Class event). Space is very limited for this class, so if you’re going to sign up, I’d do it today!

    Sign up at, or join Internet Marketing Ninjas for a free pass to this event. If you’re going, be sure to email Rita – at- we build pages dot com for additional info on where we’re staying and for our evening plans.

    Hope to see you there!


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    1. I personally think Ammon should be worked harder and that he should cover social media and linkbait as an added bonus!

    2. The real beauty of the SEO Class events is that the presentations are just half of the time. The other half of each day is open discussion on any topic you like as we network and explore the area.

      Plenty of one-on-one time on topics of choice, and to get as specific as people want.

    3. Lyndon,
      I’ll happily do one more presentation. I’ll call it
      “The role of linkbait and social media in a SEM campaign”.

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