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Ninjas in Amsterdam, Jamaica, & Scotland.

Next Tuesday (the 29th) a few ninjas and I are going to Amsterdam (going to visit with a client). I’ll also try to catch Martijn while I’m there.  We’ll be there during the Queen’s Day celebration…which looks pretty crazy.

Then from June 6-10 there’s about 19 Ninjas going to Jamaica. We should be booking everything probably tomorrow. If you have any tips or suggestions for where to stay, and what to do, in Jamaica, please let me know. (Fyi, this trip is being mostly sponsored by a few very happy clients of ours).

I’ll be in Scotland a few weeks later for the SEO Class in Edinburgh June 23-24.

So far I’m really enjoying the Ninjas world tour 2008! I’m Feeling Lucky!


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  1. Queens day is great – the carnival atmoshphere has to be experienced. If you haven’t got your otel booked, try and staying the Krasnapolsky and request for a room overlooking the dam square. I was lucky one year and got such a room by luck – Sitting in my room with my friends, chilled out, taking in the sounds and lgiths was a night to remember!

    Jamaica is absolutely amazing, a real party island.. with great food! If your taking the wife, swimming with dolphins is a must! I’ve never been to Scotland but hear it’s awesome – people are friendly and the cubbing scene is meant to be wild (not sure if you are to old for clubbing Jim? hahaha)

    Have a great time! I wish I was coming along 🙂

  2. Jim, you’ve chosen the best time of the year to visit Holland. Queen’s Day in Amsterdam is like carnival in Rio (but without the brilliant weather and without the thong parade…)

  3. Jamaica? Depends on what you’re looking for, but I rather enjoyed the Negril beaches. Your ninjas could basically fill up “country country” – a quaint little place outside of the all-inclusive stupidity. It’s the only place I’ve stayed, as I’ve only been once, but I would go back without hesitation.

    The best thing about Jam is the food – so eat local and eat fa reel reel.

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