29 Mar 2008

What’s Jim up to? I’m Feeling Lucky.

I haven’t been blogging much….sorry……ya know, I’m totally down with staying under the radar. There’s enough other people keeping each other in check that I’m fine with sitting back and watching the games being played. I’m fine with reacting internally to what goes on out there, and not being a part of the conversation these days.

But hey, I thought I’d give a brief update on what Jim’s been up to, or what’s on my mind at the moment.

So what’s Jim been up to?

Well, besides Internet Marketing Ninjas and SEO Class (first one April 11th)…as far as We Build Pages stuff…

We still take on the occasional client….but at least we’re able to "cherry pick" leads to match our open time slots.

We continue to improve our methods all the time via people, knowledge, tools, and the build up of the Ninja Army at We Build Pages.

We’ll soon be cycling in some of our own sites into our work mix …just as if they were a client.

…I’ve seen a lot of website business plans since I started over 9 years ago, and I’m out to follow the money. 

We still continue to find amazing trusted old websites.

The trick is how to preserve the content and trust, and build upon it so that it makes a profit.  That’s a challenge in itself.

We strive to preserve the content, and add more resources to it. We’ve been working on widgets, and "long-term linkbait" content/stats, and we’re starting to spread the word on other related webpages ( πŸ˜‰ ).

I’ve been studying up on companies who offer good lead programs (I’m open to suggestions, fyi, we’ve got an inventory of just about every type of site/industry).

I’ve been reading/re-reading/analyzing documents that tell what a human might think when they view your webpage, and how they may judge your page, so that we can build the type of quality resource search engines might be looking for.

We’re working on doubling our staff this year (from 25 to 50), so lots of interviews/training going on.

We still building internal tools to make our jobs easier – while still keeping a human touch where it needs to be.

I lost 10 pounds in the SEO’s Fight Fat contest.

The entire team is going to Atlantic City tomorrow and monday – nicely fully paid for by one of our happy clients.

I’m going to Amsterdam in 3 weeks to visit a client. I hear the coffee is really good over there.

FYI, I’ve turned down all speaking gigs this year (except SEO Class)….I’m happy to stay under the radar and just do my thing now.

I owe Mr Wall a favor, and next to my Internet marketing training program I’ll mention his SEO training, and my SEO Class. (buy them all  πŸ˜‰ )

Did I mention that SEO Class is April 11th in Troy NY?

How’s everyone out there doing?

I’m Feeling Lucky.