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Lyndon Antcliff (Cornwallseo) Joins SEOClass Scotland.

We’re also now honored to have Lyndon Antcliff ( to the lineup for SEO Class in Edinburgh Scotland June 23-24th.

Lyndon is one of my favorite bloggers, as well as he’s been the man in the SEO news a lot recently for his linkbait story about the 13 year old kids who stole the credit card and bought hookers (and for the controversy that ensued). I’m really looking forward to learning and listening to Lyndon, as well as sharing a beer with him.

Lyndon Antcliff will of course, be speaking on Linkbait and Social Bookmarking Sites.

Lydon will be joining these SEO Legends (and me) for SEO Class Scotland June 23-24.

  • Ammon Johns (AKA Black Knight) from Fresh Egg.
    Ammon will be speaking about, SEO Myths and Truths. Thinking outside the box in your SEM campaign and the Dewey Update.
  • Barry Lloyd from Make Me Top
    Barry will be speaking about, where and what to measure when analyzing ROI for optimal performance of a SEM campaign.
  • Brian Turner (AKA iBrian) from Britecorp
    Brian will be speaking about, using a publishing model for SEO/link development/marketing.
  • Shaun Anderson (AKA Hobo and Sandpetra) from Hobo-Web Ltd
    Shaun will be speaking about the finer arts of on Page Search Engine Optimization and internal linking methods.
  • Jim Boykin from We Build Pages
    I’ll be speaking on "What a Google Quality Rater Evaluates.", "8 Killer Ninja Tools, and how to use them." "Tips for improving your click-through rates.", "Ninja Linking Tricks".
  • We still have a couple of open spaces, but ya better sign up now if you’re planning on going! (read the end of this post for how to get the class for "free")

    We also have one other possible speaker, who’s name you all know, who I’m hoping can make it too. I’ll let you know if/when that person is confirmed.


    PS. I’m off on vacation with my wife until monday. See ya when I get back!


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