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Linkbait 101: School’s In For the Summer

Alright. So it’s been almost two weeks since I asked for some education in the form of linkage. Since then, Jim decided to dump an order in my lap for over 1000 articles that need to be written ASAP – no easy feat when you’re looking for high quality content. The dozen writers already on the WBP short list were not quite sufficient, so I’ve been busy recruiting, hiring, handing out assignments, and submitting invoices for the work that’s been completed so far. Let me tell you – it’s more than a little odd to be handing out the type of assignments that I was crawling the work-at-home job boards for only a month or so ago.

But I digress. (And I do that a lot.)

I didn’t get a chance to single out my favorites as promised… until now. In no particular order:

  • Patrick from 10e20 helped me hone my research skills. Google Alerts? Check. RSS feeds? Check. Walking away from my keyboard once in a while? Check. (Jim was actually just talking to me about women’s magazine articles and linkbait. I wonder if I could score a few magazine subscriptions on the company dime…)
  • Rand’s post about being worthy of the linkerati. I’ll admit, I get a little giggle out of the word “linkerati.” But the article is chock-full of things that are helpful in developing more of a business mindset than the “ZOMG LOOK AT MY AWESOME BLOG” mindset… that I totally never had. Really. But now I know how to identify linkerati for any of the content I’m developing, and I have a few more ideas when it comes to brainstorming. (Ideas about brainstorming? I’m meta-brainstorming!)
  • And for the “All in One” award, there’s Mert’s Top 10 of Linkbait… from which I realized that I am a lone pirate in an office full of ninjas and I got a cheat sheet from Stuntdubl about linkbait hooks.

You know, all this bait and hook stuff makes me think a lot about fish. I guess that’s appropriate for this little fish in a big, new pond.

I’m absorbing as much as I can, since there is plenty for me to learn. I mean, the rest of you have spent the better part of the last decade refining the body of knowledge I’m just now trying to understand.

But I’ve got a few things in mind that I might actually be able to teach you, too. I’m all about user intent, which is a term that may occasionally be bandied about in the internet marketing universe, but may not be understood by people who use the web in an entirely different way from the way normal non-SEO/SEM people do.

– QualityGal


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