28 May 2007

Updated: Jim Boykin: Deja Vu plus Swag and $720 in free ads.

Today I updated my "Jim’s Favorite Posts" section that I put in the footers of all my blog pages. I hadn’t updated it since Dec 13th 2006 so I added:

I know most people might just read these posts when they first come out…but some of these have since also had some nice "gems" added the comments (thank you all for your input and ideas!). Feel free to join any of these conversations.

Long ago I set it up this blog so that if a post was over 30 days, it would stop the ability for someone to make a comment….I’ve opened comments up on all of my favorite posts on the bottom…..Spammers shouldn’t stop nice conversations (I’ll control), and time can change things. (conversations shouldn’t "end".)

Want to win some We Build Pages swag and a few nice ads?
We Build Pages wall clock, We Build Pages desk clock, We Build Pages coffee mug, a 1 gig MP3 Player, a handful of Ninja Stars (rubber), and ~$720 worth of ads (over a 12 month period) (you name a site, our link team will research and find ~2 relevant pages and get you an ad on within the body area of the page) (at a value of ~$30/month each ($60 X 12 = $720)). If we give you ads in this deal we’ll expect that all details will only be between us, and not public.

To Enter:
Link to this exact post url in one of your blog posts (or on any website), and say something (hopefully something nice).
(if you’re not sure if I know that you’re entering this contest, email me and let me know (j i m at webuildpages.com).
How the winner will be chosen: Don’t know….but the one I like the best will get the goodies and a few nice relevant ads.
Time: This week only. I will be choosing 1 person On Saturday June 2nd.

Anyone who links to this post (before this friday at 5pm EST) will get a free We Build Pages wall clock..and one lucky winner will get all the swag promised above.

So get your free We Build Pages wall clock…it’s not a “payment”, it’s just one way I can say “thanks” to my readers.

I’m looking forward to Seattle next week!