30 May 2007

Email Bots that Stroke your Ego and get you Reading.

I just got a piece of spam that might have suckered me…if they hadn’t made 1 mistake…

Here’s the introduction and first paragraph of the email:

Subject line: Thanks for your blog at JimBoykin.com

Hey mr Boykin,

First thanks for your site which I frequently visit, at {url}. Your articles, stories and tips have helped me a lot, which has resulted in more profits at the bottom line. So an incredible thanks for you great site, keep up the good work!

the introduction of "Hey mr Boykin" had me thinking it might be a typo by a human…

Notice the "{url}"…..I didn’t edit that…that’s how it came….if only they had entered in www.jimboykin.com instead of "{url}" they might have suckered me into reading whatever he was writing below that first paragraph. Kinda nice "sucker" email to send to thousands of bloggers…hey, what blogger doesn’t enjoy reading things like that??, which then leads them to see what else this person is saying…..I’ll never know what he was going to push on me because I never got past the first paragraph.

Hey, Humans do it better.