21 Feb 2007

Link Building and Emails – Humans do it Better.

The biggest secret to getting your emails opened.
(underlying…. "how to get links too")

Spam Spam Spam – we get the shit every day – and tons of it. I spend hours each day weeding out my email.

To the simplest degree, when weeding through spam, the whole secret is finding what appear to be human – and written JUST for you.

Now imbedded in all my crap spam spam spam (mass emails or computer generated emails) are tons of "Link request emails".

Shit, if you’ve got a site, you get heaps of this crap. You do, I do, we all do……even that person you’re trying to get a hold of.

How many of us think when we’re writing to someone "I’ve got to create a subject line to let them know I’m Human, and I’m ME" – eh, sure, all internet savy people do…we do because we’re weeding through the shit too every day.

And ya know what, I can guess pretty damn good at just from looking at the subject line and identifying spam spam spam – and I bet other internet users are the same. Amoung spam from banks I don’t belong to, lotteries I won but never entered, the guy in africa who died and need help transferring millions of dollars, the Freakin’ "let’s trade links" crap….We can spot them without even having to open them…. Morons with subject lines like "Link Request" – ugh! Delete!

How many of us think "You Bastard, if you read my site you’d see nowhere for a "Let’s swap links" you #%@*&!"

Think it’s just you? – Oh No, it’s All website owners. The tipping point for this crap was back in 2004 – it’s worthless now from an SEO standpoint, and also from an email campaign standpoint – Big ole whopping failure all the way around!

Damn! Most of this is because of so many SEO people with only a little bit of knowledge (not rocket scientist yet) can be a really dangerious thing……and damn clients who dictate "Numbers, damn it, Numbers" (remember Chucks ole "pennies and Franklin’s")  – and can you blame people for filling the need of what the demand is for? How many of those sites succeed?…..

So how does this apply to link building you ask? Well…..
If you’re seeking links then you’ve got to send emails by hand that show that you are a human and you have something to offer. What you offer should be of value (resouce or other), and it should be specific to that person. (Short and to the point might also be a nice trait with emailing).

Emails that get through are ones that look to be from a human to me with thought.  I’d guess I’d be 99% more adpt to open and respond to an email that fits this criteria….

And ya know what? Writing real takes time…..yea Time! But ya know what, if you want your link stuff to stick, ya gotta go human.

And if you want to get your emails responded to, Ya better be human.