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SEO History Quiz V1 – Fast 3 question SEO quiz


Welcome to SEO History Quiz Vol 1 !


A quick 3 question fun quiz. Took me 10 minutes to do, and will take you less than 1 minute. 



 Scroll down for hints and answers and questions.


Question #1 

What was the big SEO news on April 12th 2002 that came with no warning?














 Still don’t know? Want A Hint?

 The company that did something Major that day is about to be delisted from Nasdaq










The answer
On April 12th 2002, Looksmart changed their Submission Rules taking our "$99 lifetime Directory Listings" payment and turning them into PPC Payments, and then tossing our sites out when they’d maxed our $99 PPC "payment". Yea, I still can’t forget that one.
High Search Engines Rankings article by Kalena Jordan  – and this is how we felt

Question # 2

What Happened on October 9th 2002 – Also without warning?












Need a hint?

Links analysis is better than human analysis. (at least then)












Answer: On October 9th, 2002 Yahoo Stops using their Directory listings for top Search Results, and Switched to Google Results.

"On October 9th and without warning, Yahoo search engine results changed. For many years, Yahoo presented primary search results from their own directory members. Last year, Google became their partner and served secondary search results. Now all that has changed: Google results are now primary; Yahoo’s own directory members are secondary."(from Next Step Web Marketing

It’s nice that at least search engines reps communicate with us now. A few years ago, they didn’t.


Question # 3

The May 2003 Google Dance was called what?














Need a hint?

 It wasn’t Jagger?
















Answer: Dominic. 
That was the biggest updated to that date – just see WebmasterWorld, Understanding Dominic Part 6  (link should work soon)

Florida came shortly after. People might hate the Jagger Update, but we’ve really been lucky in that we haven’t had such big shift in a long time now. People always tend to forget that major shifts are part of the history, and will continue to do so. We’ve been really getting off easy for a long time with only minor changes in ranking result shifts.


That’s all – Thank you for playing.

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