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Google Update Jagger Resources

I haven’t read them them all, but if you’re bound and determined to try to find information on the Google Jagger update then read the following. Beware though, reading the below is reading "Sanity", "Paranoia" and "Insanity" and "Stupidness" – the trick is to be able to pick out the "Sanity".

Resources for reading up on the Jagger Update:

Now for the bad news….it aint over yet. As Matt stated this past Wednesday

And I wouldn’t be surprised if a second stage of the index rolls out around this time next week. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a third stage of the index rolls out the week after that. I just wanted to let people know that there’s still flux to come.

Major updates like this (where lots of sites got Boinked) can be great for an SEO businesses, as some people are seeking to change SEO companies now (unless they got Boinked, but highly trust their SEO), or if they were doing SEO for themselves, and might find that they need more assistance. Our own leads more than doubled (might have trippled) last week due to this shift.

"Update" to me means "opportunity". That’s why we’re bidding on Adsense for "jagger update" related phrases. If someone is seeking answers or possible solutions, I want to be there for them. (damn, did I just change this to a CEO post? – Sorry)

….now I’m off to study about 300 sites we worked with to see if I can spot some more patterns (for those that went up, down, and stayed the same).


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