20 Oct 2006

Jim Boykin’s Favorite SEO Writings.

Since I’ll be taking a blog break for ~6 weeks, I thought I’d leave some of my favorite post here on top, and organized nicely 😉 (Pulled from how it’s organized from my link teams training page).

Link Building Philosophies:
Picture of Link Neighborhoods  
Changes and Paranoia – the sky is falling

Why that site with 50 backlinks beats your site with 1000 backlinks.

The Google Gods Speak to Us about Link Building.

Just what is “relevant” when getting links?

How to find sites to get links from:
Buying links under the radar

Cherry Picking Links – Believe it

How to find the best Pages on these sites to get links from:
Tips for finding the best pages to get links from.
Part Two: Tips for finding the best pages to get links from.

How to place you links on these pages:
Text around your links…Keeping it Natural Looking.

Links Within Content, Linking to Content …. a Rant.
Co Citation – understanding how it effects your SEO.  
Text around your links…Keeping it Natural Looking.

FYI, I hate "Link Pages":
Link Pages are Dead – Long Live Content Pages.
Will the real link request please stand up?
Software vs. Manual Link Building and Management.



Ninja Knowledge
I like ‘em old.
Playing with Google’s Domain Age Factor

Google Ranking Filters: Trust and Age Factors.

Linking out – The overlooked link neighborhood.
New Pagerank Patent – Jims Abstract Translation.
The Historical Importance of Backlinks.
What does Google know about your domain names? by Nick Wilsdon
Damned to Google Hell – Supplemental Results
Psssst — GIVING away DMOZ Editor Accounts!
 Abhilash on the Future of Text Link Building.

Jim’s Hostingcon Presentation
Click Rate for Top 10 Search Results
How 46% of SEO’s get away with not buying text links.
Mike Grehan – Drink from his knowledge.

I’m Feeling Lucky,
Jim Boykin
CEO, We Build Pages