20 Oct 2006

Taking a Blog Break for 5-6 weeks.

This next month I’ll be busier than I’ve ever been….so I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a little over a month.

Next week I’ll be locking myself in my office while I work on rewriting webuildpages.com. There’s so many services on there there that are outdated, and we haven’t even shown off our "writing content" side. I’ve been rewriting it for months now, and have collected a ton of chicken scratch, but I’ve realized that the only way it’s going to all get written is if I take a whole week devoted to mainly writing this out  (then ~2 weeks to design around (we’ve got a new look coming too).

I’ve got a handful of new employees that I’ve been  training on a daily basis (we’re making more Link Ninjas). We’ve also been video taping the training sessons, and assigning projects based on each training lesson.  One day we might just sell those training videos.

We’ve also got a great programmer on staff and we’re creating great internal tools for tracking and recording our work and progress. And creating the world best (and non-shared) database of great sites willing to offer advertising where related.

My wife is also getting rather plump, as our second baby is due Nov 16 (and I’m predicting Nov 9th…which is 3 weeks from today)….

I guess that one of the items I don’t need to worry about for about 5 weeks is going to be my blog. So yes, I’ll be taking ~5 weeks off from blogging.

I was thinking that when I return I might start blogging more on "Here’s how to build links….do this, and then this, etc" as opposed to "This is a great backlink to get….now go get them" postings.

I’m also toying with the idea of charging a small fee which allows you to read those complete posts (part free…."to read the rest, please subscribe here")…I could also throw in some private tools into that (no, not the "find old sites tool"…but other tools that are Killer…just private). Thougths on that?

I’ll, of course, post when the baby comes as well, and perhaps a thing or 2 in the coming 4-5 weeks….

Oh yea, and looks like there’ll be a Link Ninja class in a few months…stay tuned.

We’ve got openings for 7 new link building clients over the next 2 months, want to be one of them?

*link for a friend: ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM