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Growing and internet marketing dreams – Jim’s thoughts.

Yesterday I hired another "future link expert", and I’ve got another "future link expert" starting in about 2 weeks. Funny thing is, is that I often feel that I could have "work" for another 50 or 100 people, all doing different types of internet marketing tasks.

I remember the first few years starting out, when it was just me, and I was promoting the "We" in "We Build Pages", when I was marketing the phrase "internet marketing firm". Shortly after I started in this game, I realized that 3 SEO’s could do so much more, but the only 3 I had in my "We" was "Me", "Myself" and "I". I recall that often in 2002 I debated on "do I dare hire someone or not?".

That internal debate was laid to rest in Dec 2002 when went to #4 in Google and Yahoo for "internet marketing". I hired 3 people instantly and within 6 months we had 6. A year we were up to  15. We’ve stayed around 15 since then (not counting about 25 writers of whom we also work with, and a few outsourced programmers). 

There’s always issues with hiring additional people and growning. Some of that is from Todd’s ideas and some from my refusal to work with monkeys, and some of it it just not having the millions to turn tons of "monkeys" into experts, and some of it is just lack of "Time".

I can, however, see that the more you grow and then get comfortable, the more things you see that could be done (for clients or for our own sites). I guess it’s the same on every level of size you are. It’s funny, the game and the dreams can just keep getting bigger. That’s part of my motivation in this game – Dreaming big dreams and trying to make as many of them come true as possible.

Sometimes I dream of being like Barry Diller (Barry Barry Barry Barry). Unfortunately I’m several billion behind now.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in having internet marketing dreams especially in the world of internet marketing where opportunities hit you every day in the face online.

What are your internet marketing dreams?


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  2. “What are your internet marketing dreams?”

    Interesting question – I’m not in it for material ambition – but a *sustainable* long-term income is an important current goal.

    When the internet changes so quickly, that is far more of a challenge that it can immediately seem.

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