29 Nov 2005

Email – shoveling it out faster than it comes in.

I’m sure I get over 100 emails a day that pass through my email filters. I don’t know exactly how many come in, since a big part of my day is spent deleting or filing most of those (and my COO helps me there too).

Today I thought I see how many emails I send on an average day.

I’m up to 25 emails sent so far today, which seems close to average for an average day.

How many emails to you send on an average day?

Isn’t is crazy that one of our biggest hubs is our email programs, and we spend a good part of the day just trying to shovel it out of the inbox faster than it comes in?

I spend more time in my yahoo email than I do on any other site. (and I hate yahoo email…but old habbits are sooo hard to break).