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I blog, therefore I am. Why I Blog.

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5 Reasons why I blog.

1. When stuntdubl was working with me I started feeling like people might be thinking that Todd was the SEO and I was just the CEO (that didn’t know SEO) so I started blogging to show that I’m more than a CEO, but also a dedicated SEO.

2. To help train our link ninjas. We have an internal link ninja training program, complete with belt levels. Here’s some of my blog posts that are included in the ninja training program:

Google God Speaks to us
What a links page should not look like
Links within content linking to content
Cherry Picking Links
Buying Links Under the Radar
Forward Links
Get links from pages that have backinks Training2

3. Saves a ton of time answering questions that prospective/current clients may ask. Here’s some of the ones I refer to the most:

Sorry, I won’t do SEO for your new website.
Links as Pennies and Old Ben Franklins.
Why that site with 50 backlinks beats your site with 1000 backlinks.
Click Rate for Top 10 Search Results
Will the real link request please stand up?

4. To get new clients.

Leads from We Build Pages are often from people who found us via search engines searching for phrases like “internet marketing services”, “internet marketing company”, etc….but these people often need lots of education and are not nearly as qualified as those who read my blog. Leads from people who say they read my blog are much better quality because I know they’re educated in SEO.

5. At heart I’m still a link addict. If I can write something that gets picked up in the SEO community (with a link) I get a rush through my veins.

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