09 Jan 2007

SEO Leaders and Jim Rambling

Last week I got lucky and was voted fist place in Search Engine Journal’s yearly awards for "Best Link Building Blog 2006".
Thanks Loren for the award, and thank you to those who voted! It was this award program last year that helped both Stuntdubl and me to get much more exposure to our blogs and it was real easy to see the results of that award last year in the Alexa traffic rank spike at that time last year.

Somehow I barely squeeked by Stuntdubl….I think because Todd only blogs 5-10% on link building…where I tend to blog 90% on link building…but as far as blogging goes, in my mind, Todd’s way better than I am. Todd tends to spend time preparing and writing, and editing. I know Todd’s got several posts that he is working on at anytime, all yet unpublished until he’s polished them off….me, well, I don’t prepare, I write something that’s on my mind in about 5 minutes….totally unpolished, unresearched, and just "quick thoughts"…Todd…we’ll he writes blog posts that look like college thesis papers….So I got lucky with the award…if the award were for anything other than the specific item of "Link Building" Todd would crush me (all since that’s my writing focus and not Todd’s full writing focus).

Todd’s stopping by the office this afternoon and I’d tease him about me beating him with this award…but he’s too humble to make doing that fun….so we’ll just compare SEO notes and show off the SEO things we’re doing at the moment (the things we don’t blog about).

The Link Building Blog from Patrick and Andy scored 3rd in the awards.  Andy’s planning on stopping by in March for a visit with Todd and I, so I’m really looking forward to drinking out on the town with Todd and Andy. There’s nothing better than sharing brew and under the radar SEO Talk with fellow SEO’s.

This past week I was also named by Didier Bizimungu as one of the Top 10 SEO Leaders….but Rand quickly told me that I wasn’t one of the top 10 SEO leaders…darn Rand…hehe.

Who are my 10….um….off the top of my head (which means tomorrow I’ll kick myself for forgetting several)…and in no particular order.

These are 10 who have influenced me a lot over the years.

What 10 have influenced you the most or that you feel are the leaders?