09 Jan 2007

Putting a Price on a Link – Jim’s Value Indicators.

I’ve been asked a few times recently how we evaluate the value of a link.

Maybe one day I’ll make a public tool that shows how we value a link….but not today.

However, I will show 2 screenshots of one of our earlier link value tools….Version B4 (We’ve been through several versions, and continue to modify and improve it).

http://www.webuildpages.com/lvt-tool/lvt-tool.htm (Older version)
(don’t ask me about the co-citation stuff please….I’m not going to comment on that, and it’s changed some since that version).

I also blacked out the price we’d charge for a link like that.

Keep in mind that we don’t go for homepage links (99% only powerful subpages), and we work on getting links within the content area of webpages (something that looks like this), and sometimes we add co-citation (something I don’t want to talk about today). And yes, if we can get our ads above the fold, with a nice banner to boot, that’s even better (but not always possible).

So there’s how we valued links last month.

How much do you think a link like this is worth? (Taking into account that we don’t know how much traffic this ad will bring….so you’re guesses on worth will have to be strictly on the link value, not on the traffic value (sorry Matt)).

Anyone out there think that this is evil?