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(NinjaJen) For Google 10th, it’s Tales from Page 10

In honor of Google’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and inspired by the "Google is turning 10. See what’s happened in the past 10 years." Prominently displayed under the search box all week, I decided to take a little excursion into the outer realm of Google’s returns to find a few fun entries and facts from the 10th page of Google’s results for some of its biggest players.

Interestingly enough when you Google the word Google, the 10th page introduces us to Johnny who says he can help us Hack Google. Nice.

We are also finally given access to on page 10. Apparently Malaysia gets nose-bleed seats in Google and in the UN.

And one that actually made me laugh is

Which despite undergoing a server update, provides us with a link to where we can buy Books on how to use Google as well as on Tantric Sex. Is that some sort of commentary on search engines and delayed gratification? Hmmmm…

Sergey Brin

Where do you want to go if you’re from Portugal and you want to find out more about Sergey Brin?

Well this Portuguese Wikipedia page graces page 10 for his moniker, so Desculpa-me meus amigos, you’ll have to dig.

One of the other interesting items you can find out here in the depths of the Serps is what Sergey looks like in Roller blades

and apparently his wheels need rotating?

And of course here we can get our hands on one of many notices about the news of Sergey’s impending plan to temporarily abandon cyberspace for a multi-million dollar trip to Outer space.

Larry Page

In case you like to take the scenic route, the 10th page takes you to:

Where Amazon conveniently allows you to pick up the Larry and Sergey biography "Larry Page and Sergey Brin: The Google Guys " and guess what?! It’s on sale and eligible for Super Saver Shipping! Come on guys, news this big ought to at least make page 7.

We also have a Webmasterworld thread where Larry’s genius is debated by guys named Cabbie and Subway. Porn is misspelled and George Bernard Shaw comes up at least once…

There is also a highly informative notable biography on Google’s founder’s:

It covers how they met, a few of the legendary Google pranks and is of course tastefully sprinkled with Adsense.

And last but not least a tribute to Google’s leader of our little SEO tribe, Mr. Matt Cutts.

For anyone who forgot the dark day that Dark SEO came into Matt’s life, then out in page-ten-land there is this little reminder of the fact that Matt does indeed have a sense of humor when it comes to cloaking..

And thanks to this enlightening interview with Matt,  I now know that Matt likes spiders, the non-algorithmic kind, and that he called Sowbugs cute.

and lastly I couldn’t help but become enthralled by this tenth page post on

This one of many "Why haven’t I gotten my PR back even though I no-followed my paid links" blog posts where Matt, rather kindly, engages in a very informative dialogue about the whys and wherefores of the still absent Green bar. He makes it clear that when reviewing a re-inclusion request, Google is much like a new home buyer with the tendency to look under the bed and deep in the closet for junk in placers where the owner hasn’t been in years. The moral of the story? Sweep out ALL of your corners before having an Open House with a Google Engineer. The information is gold, but as for its application? Well the Post ranks in the top 100 for Matt’s name…but it is sporting a spiffy PR 0.

While there is plenty more in the nether-regions, these were a few of my favorites, happy tenth anniversary Google, I have no doubt the next 10 will be even better, at least I hope so, my job depends on it.

Ninja Jen


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