08 Dec 2006

The Perfect Link is a Unicorn

The Perfect Link is a Unicorn – By Jen  (Link Ninja in Training)

Finally, my stealth Ninja abilities have allowed me to infiltrate Jim Boykin’s blog. I have come here because there is something I feel you should know. I think it is best that you hear this from someone who has spent 40 hours a week for the past few months seeking the perfect link.

It does not exist.

That’s right, I am certain I hear SEO tempers flaring around the globe,. But as I have pursued that one perfect link that would earn me a coveted laser pointer from my Sensei’s prize closet, I have come to understand, that no link is perfect.

We had some fun at our Ninja Master’s expense recently looking at his golden links and offering up criticisms that many of us have gotten all too frequently in trainings, meetings, or early morning e-mails from him.

“Well, the backlinks are great but if you had used this anchor text instead…”
“The placement is good but if you added co-citation …”

To be fair the boss took it like a champ. But in this it occurred to me if we could find fault with my master’s links, the wisest of all Ninjas, then perhaps my quest for the perfect link is in vain, and that laser pointer will remain forever out of my grasp. No matter what link we get, if the backlinks are amazing, the title tags could use tweaking. If the relevance is perfect the Page Rank could be a little better. I said to him, “Even if by some miracle one of us did somehow find the “perfect link” I guarantee, you would show up in the morning with a new revelation that makes it flawed.”  Thus, is the nature of SEO.

However, perhaps it is that inherent nature of Internet Marketing that keeps me here. The unending quest to conquer what is essentially invincible. The ever changing world of Google and the Internet is the essence of what makes any of this thrilling. If the perfect link were in fact obtainable, there would be nothing more to learn, or master. If SEO was simple we wouldn’t be link Ninjas, we’d be link Monkeys and that’s no fun at all.
– Jen (Link Ninja in Training)