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Flashbacks on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more.

Last night I saw Philipp’s post where he points out how looked in 1994,

So I thought I’d take a ride on the flashback express and show 12 sites we’re all familiar with, and link to how these sites looked in the 90’s.

Google Dec 2, 1998
Yahoo Oct 17, 1996 Oct 22, 1996
AltaVista Oct 23, 1996
AskJeeves April 12, 1997
SearchEngineWatch Dec 10, 1997
eBay Dec 1, 1998
AOL April 21, 1997
Craigslist Dec 2, 1998
Apple Dec Oct 22, 1996
Lycos Oct 22, 1996
Netscape Oct 20, 1996

Anyone have others they’d like to share?


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