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Alexa Blog and Zillow (Check it out!)

I was just over at and by accident, I scrolled down the page. Hey, there’s a blog by Geoffrey Mack…and it’s got some cool stuff in it.

I really enjoyed "MySpace… Taking Over the World" (It’s in the top 10 of most visited web sites!)

Through Geoffrey’s blog on the Alexa homepage I also found one of the coolest new sites I’ve seen in a while – a site called Zillow – If you haven’t seen it, Check it out! Way Wicked Cool!

as Geoffrey says:

  • Cool thing 1: Plug in your zip code and it gives you a satellite map of your neighborhood. The map is draggable, just like Google Maps.
  • Cool thing 2: You can get a satellite map, a street map, or a hybrid map.
  • Cool thing 3: As you zoom in, it will show you property lines and estimated values of the homes.
  • Cool thing 4: Click on a property and a ballon pops up with estimated price (they call it "Zestimated price") address and home details like number of bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage.
  • Cool thing 5: Click on home details and it shows you enough to make your head spin. Value of your home plotted on a graph over the last year, 5 years, etc. Plus lot size, year built, # stories, and more.
  • Cool thing 6: Click on comparable homes and it shows you a clickable map with all the recently sold homes in your area. Click them and sale price, date sold, details of the home, etc.

Again that site is Zillow.

And Geoffrey, I’ll scroll down more often now when I’m at to see the news you’re bringing us.


4 Responses

  1. zillow rocks. i am in the process of buying a house in northern california, and i am psyched that i stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago.

    it’s amazing how technology has truly changed the way we do things. can you imagine buying a house without using the internet? or making a hotel reservation? or looking at porn? oops…

  2. Wow that site is awesome, what great information. Thanks again Jim for anther helpful post, keep up the great work!

  3. Dax also (kind-of) blogged about Zillow last month:

    (looks like he misspelled “estate” in the URL, though… )

    I was previously employed by a real estate website hosting/design company and also bought a condo last summer. I am very surprised about the amount of information that Zillow has made available… and for free!

    The Zestimate does appear to be an ESTIMATE, but it is considerably close.

    The internet has been a big factor for real estate and it continues to be a growing source for consumers and agents alike.

  4. I came across Zillow when reading a blog about the housing bubble. It’s saving buyers thousands of dollars by showing them the true value of real estate in the area before they make an excessive offer. What a wonderful concept.

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