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Cat Post – I’ll be Big Daddy Again!

A few days ago I found out that I’ll be a Daddy again! Due beginning Nov.

It’s kinda funny how things happen….for over 5 years my wife and I had been trying to have a baby before we had Sam…we were about to do one shot of IVF, then if that didn’t work, we were going to Russia to adopt….then the month before the IVF, Mary got pregnant (and that was the first time we weren’t really trying).  So last month for the first time I didn’t use protection…and wa-la….Mary’s pregnant again….that’s like twice in a row after 5 years of trying….amazing!

So this weekend I spent a little time on Sam’s (our first baby’s) website, updating it….and then I starting popping in some pictures of the family history (still working on it).  I’m happy that he’s #1 for his name, and he’ll be happy I started this site so when he’s 18, and want’s to use the site, he’ll be way out of the sandbox by then 😉

Anyone recommend any specific family tree programs?

If it’s a girl, I’m going to try to convince Mary to name her "Page"…then I try to slip in "Rank" as a middle name 😉 …..she didn’t go for it last time though….


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  1. Congratulations, my I suggest Sarah Emily Mary or Stacy Erica Ophelia or other names with those initials 😉

  2. Congrats!

    There are other name options…

    With a last name that starts with B…shooting for the initials: WEB could work:

    Walter Edward Boykin

    Ok I’m blanking on girl’s names that start with W…

  3. Hey Jim/Mary

    Congratulations and my best wishes – I have a feeling I’ll be joining you soon; there’s only so long you can stall maternal urges with kittens…

    : -)

  4. Congratulations Jim & family. Your following has a great sense of humour as well Jim! Also, the website as a scrapbook idea – brilliant!

  5. Excellent news Jim! I believe that I may have predicted this at SES NYC….. I shall get the baby BOTW t-shirt ready for deployment!!!

  6. Everyone’s having a baby. I kinda feel left out. Note to self …. “get someone pregnant” 😉

    I’ll name the child …. Search. It sounds very much like Surge and that’s a Russian name so I am OK with that.

  7. If you want to do something really nice for Young Sam buy him about 50 domains with relevant good key words in the domains then get them online and slowly work on optimizing them. Bank everything they bring in for him for collage etc. In about 5 to 8 yrs you could have one hell of a dynamite subject for another website on how little Sam will be a millionaire by the time he is 18.

    I am on the Google retirement plan myself, I bank everything I make from a certain group of website I have designated as “my retirement plan sites”. It is going very nicely.

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