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Jim Boykin on Myspace.

So being that it’s a Saturday, and I’m not in the office (and I keep reading Gray Wolf posting about myspace), I thought I’d get a myspace page for Jim Boykin.

I even did a blog post there on search engine optimization 101 …..nothing advanced…but I figure it will help out the kids there to understand a bit on how search engines rank websites.

I found some other SEO’s in there too…even Matt has a myspace page where he lists several of his videos.

**update, Barry says in the comments below that that’s not really Matt’s myspace….just looks like it. **

Do  you have a myspace page?


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  1. Re: the alleged Matt Cutts page on myspace, that’s part of the problem with myspace, half those pages aren’t done by the people themselves but by imposters. Matt obviously has the clout to get them to take down something if it were objectionable.

    But I’ve heard of more than a few cases where a teenager went and created a page of their enemy, alleging to be that person and claiming all sorts of nasty habits. Could totally ruin someone’s life at that age

  2. “FYI – that is not Matt’s myspace account.”

    Even the Dalai Lama appears to have a MySpace account. That’s one of the issues with this hall of mirrors.

  3. Yea I’m pretty sure Matt said it wasn’t his a few times, there’s a few lessons in that.

    1) If you are building a brand around your name or your companies name grab the space even if you don’t plan to develop it

    2) If you’re going to pretend to be someone else and profit (and not just monetarily) from it try to be convincing in your presentation

  4. Jim, your is a great example of “How do not build pages”. If you mean to build it for determent, you did a great job ;-).

    Even if my eyes are still good it was difficult (horror) try to read anything “on the beach” or “in the sea”.
    Tip: Ask your mother or father for review.

    I like to read your blog, so I hope you do not move your myspace layout to your blog 🙂

  5. I do have a MySpace page but I try to keep it pretty much SEO Free. There is something I find just wrong about advocating good SEO in an environment as cluttered and badly coded as MySpace.

    I find its a great way of having music/musicians come to you and try to limit my activities to finding and sharing musical tastes.

    I also pimp’d up my page (to limited effect) which was fun!

  6. Martin,
    Yea, I’ve never been known for my design skills…..maybe I was trying to blend in with all the other bad myspace designs 😉
    Have no worries, I’d never do something like that with my blog. I actually hired a professional to design my blog.

    The beach was actually one of the better backgrounds of choice…98% of the backgrounds people use make it totally impossible to read the text….the beach makes it only impossible to read in certain areas 😉

  7. Kid Disco – yea, I added the related posts plug in, and the new “add these numbers” check thing I saw Matt using. I’ve got flickr pictures coming in soon too….If I keep this up, my blog will start to look like myspace pages…so some will come and some will go…so it doesn’t end up looking like myspace mess.

  8. good to hear you won’t move to myspace…

    when I wanted to post a comment back to your profile
    I just got this ugly

    Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

    This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.

    WTF.. I really wonder why myspace got so big… everything there is too unusable and broken all the time…

    I would have sold it too

  9. Hey Jim, that is a fine looking MySpace page.

    Too bad I didn’t get to see the ugly one!

    I got as far as adding my name and a photo to my page but haven’t done anything since. I may have to straighten things up a bit. 🙂

  10. It seems like everybody is migrating to myspace. But its all good that way we can still learn alittle more internet marketing SEO while we’re socializing there : )

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