19 Oct 2005

Dave’s got #1 Google Mo Jo for sale

Today I got one of my favorite emails…ya know, the ones where they try to sell you Search Engine Optimization Services, and they don’t even know they’re writing to a SEO Company. Here’s the one I got today:

I apologize for this incursion and hope you do not mind me dropping you an email just to see if you might be interested having some search engine ranking work done on your site.  We specialize in web design and search engine ranking that ranks #1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others.  Our services are tailored to companies/firms such as yours that have the potential for a large volume of web generated business.  Recently we ranked one of our clients #1 in 55 categories and in the top 5 in 145 categories.   Their business is booming.  I would be happy to send you more detailed information and references if you wish.

Best wishes,

David F. K***l

I think I’ll respond to David with this:

Wow David, #1 in 55 categories, that sounds really impressive. Can you help me to get to #1 in Google for "internet marketing"? I’ve been trying for years, but just can’t seem to get that #1 spot. Since you’re writing to me and you see the "potential", perhaps you could use some of that magic you used to get those "#1 in 55 categories"  to help me out here.

Looking forward to your response,
Hope you’re feeling Lucky,

I’ll update you if David writes back.

The scary part is I know that even some of my "less trusting" clients who aren’t #1 are going to contact this clown and clowns like them, and will the write to me to ask for my opinion on what people like David will tell them, or worse yet, they’ll think "We’ll David doesn’t charge much, so maybe I’ll just help Jim’s team some by hiring David too….doh!


  1. Dave Child October 20, 2005 at 4:03 AM

    Dear Marketing Manager,

    I got the exact same email. To the word. Gotta love those form emails. If he can promise you number 1 for “internet marketing”, I’d kind of like to be number 1 for “britney spears”. Not that that phrase is related to my business, but I hear that traffic equals sales 🙂

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