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Jim Answers Questions – linking out, outsourcing, local marketing and more.

I’m still going through the questions asked by people in my “Ask Jim” post. Here’s a bunch thrown together.

Mikko asks,

“Want to know what I think about link buying?”

Yes I do!

Mikko, the best links bought are ones that are under the radar (read this post).


Sohaib ask about 301 redirects and why none of his pages are indexed.

Sohaib, I’m not sure if I’ll have an answer, but I’d need to see the URL first – feel free to email me the url.


Nick asks:

To sort out a long debate over at the sitepoint forums, does it help your SERPs by linking out to authority sites on a page-by-page basis or even a site basis?

Well….I’ve talked about my views on linking out on this post.

Do I have “proof”…no…do I believe it…yes! I believe that at the least, a site should have some quality, related, links going out to authority sites….last year we added an “Expert Resources” page to most of our clients sites. On that page we linked out to “expert sites”. For example….if you sell “shoes” and we were creating this expert resource page for you, I’d start by searching Google for shoes to find quality pages…hum…#3 looks good “History of Shoes” at that’s one I’d add…prob with the anchor text of “History of Shoes Page”…then I’d find a few more nice .edu’s…then I’d maybe grab some .gov’s by searching for shoes and I’d grab some of those….(and give them good anchor text…yes, linking out to related site with “shoes” in the anchor text I belive is good….hum..and here’s some very nice .org’s. Then I’d search for some good, non-competing, but highly relevant other sites to link to by simply doing this search.

Now at least having 1 good page linking out is better than nothing….but yea, if you can do this on a page by page basis even better…that’s what I believe.


Next, Chris asks:

what are your top couple of tips for marketing a site to a local metro area or state?

Well Chris, one thing I’d recommend is LocalLaunch’s Register Local Service (I’m not even including my affiliate link) for $129.

Something else we’ve done for websites targeting local areas is to add a section on the bottom of all their webpages like this:

We Build Pages offers internet marketing to the 518 area code in New York including Saratoga, Washington, and Albany County. Some of the major cities we services are: Saratoga NY, Troy NY, Clifton Park New York, Schenectady, Warrensburg, Glens Falls, and Lake George, etc.

If you can get testamonials from people you could create pages like “Bob’s Shoes of Saratoga New York loves local marketing by We Build Pages.”, etc.

Also get listed in as many local sites as possible..your chamber of commerce, try your local .gov..maybe even a job fair at the local .edu….getting links from other local sites can also be a big help (trade, buy, advertise, etc).

Last year stuntdubl also added some resources to our local internet marketing page on as well that can help you.


Next, Peter Asks:

favorite NFL or College Football team?

hum….in the past 10 years I don’t think I ever watched a full sports game (except high school basketball – a few local games)….I’m a computer nerd…not a sports nerd…but if I had to choose a team, I grew up liking the Dallas Cowboys, and to be honest, I don’t know any college football teams at all (I can’t name 1 offhand).


Next, Eric asks:

How do you become an authority in your niche? I have many new and proven ideas, but what are yours?

guess I’ll just give a short answer to something that should be a long answer…to become an authority in your niche you’ve got to write about your niche and get everyone in that niche to link to you…bit of a cop out answer, I know. How about writing a guest article on Eric on your new and proven ideas?


Next, gzlatin asks:

How do you make a good struedel?

hum….now I know I’ve written on cooking omelets and SEO recipes…but I don’t have any ideas on making struedel – anyone else know?


Ken asks:

When starting a new website what are the first things to do linkbuilding wise to start increasing traffic and jump into the serps?

I’d submit to Yahoo and to DMOZ to start with. Starting a blog on the site, and linking out to other blogs in your industry will help to get links back as well…maybe even a press release or 2….you could also get some links by building pages from Rand’s list here and Graywolf’s list (these list were written for other purposes, but they can help you to get links and traffic as well).


Glen (wheel) asks:

How do you feel about working in (effectively) the middle of nowhere? Does it affect your business? Would you be better off moving someplace more central – easier access to employees and clients?

Glen was at our link ninjas training so he been to our offices….well….we’re just north of Albany NY (15 minutes from the airport)….we rarely have visitors here (most clients I’ve never met in person)…I love “nearby” and my family and Mary‘s family is both nearby…so moving isn’t really something I want to do….my employees are all “localish” and Troy is about in the middle of where our employees are from…and I’ve got 3 more years on my lease here…so this is where I am….I’m happy where we’re at.


Dave (Hawaii SEO) asks:

Black Hat Spammers – Friend or Foe?

Friends….unless they’re spamming me 😉


Dave asks a second question:

Any advice for getting Toddlers to bed, Potty training, Tooth brushing or Tantrums?

Ya know….I’d say ask my wife (if she thought someone was reading her blog she might blog more…and she’d shit if someone commented on her blog.)


97th Floor asks:

Outsource or In house? Kind of to go along with Rands question as well.

The only thing I’d outsource is custom programming (and I’m trying to hire an in-house for that). I also outsourced the building of this blog (Harvey at Design Delineations)…but as far as linkbuilding – all in house. I’m a huge fan of in house for everything.


Ok..that’s eneough for a post…I’m still working on getting those other questions answered….more to come.




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